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Welcome to my travel blog! My name is Stefan Ekström, Stef for short. I was born in Sweden in the start of those sweet 90´s. Somehow the viking genes skipped me and I could not take the cold. That grew into a fascination for traveling which I later followed up on.

Explorers of all kind have always been an interest to me so to set foot on distant continents is awesome. I hope to visit them all!

Two longer journeys

I have been on two long excursions so far. The first one was to Australia, this was back in 08/09, I stayed there for 7 months after I graduated school in Sweden. It was epic although I could have made so much more out of it than I did. Lessons and friends however I got plenty of!

More recently I spent the winter in SE Asia, 2015/16, a bit more than the winter even as I was strolling around the area for about 8 months. Perhaps I was clueless but with a happy-go-lucky-attitude I always come out on top. It was magical, I really love the life of traveling and I am hoping to one day become a full-scale digital nomad.

CurrentlyAbout me

Before I left for Asia I worked as one of the “IT guys” in a hospital in my hometown. That was amazingly fun but I had my target set on Asia and so I went there. After that I spent the summer in Sweden and in December 2016 I moved to Gran Canaria. Here I am for now and life here is awesome.

I work with telephone sales and recruiting at Swedish House Marketing, check us out!

Hobbies: Computers, webdesign, photography, walking in nature, spending time with friends and family, listening to music.
Fluent in Swedish and English.

I also run two other websites as of now. They are in Swedish and one of them is about investing, http://www.ihallandeinvest.se, and the other one is a travel page for backpackers, http://www.svenskabackpackers.se.

About the blog

I started to blog about my traveling on another blog I had before, which now only is a Facebook page “IndiGood Vibes” but things got so mixed that I later on decided to split my pages up and therefore I have now have this travel blog.

As you know this blog is about my traveling, where I have been and where I will go, as well as just about anything remotely related to traveling. It is also about blogging in general and partly a portfolio of sorts. So expect a lot of different things to be posted here.

Thank you so much for visiting, I hope that you enjoy your stay here and that you will be back soon. Feel free to message me with any questions or ideas that you might have.

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