11 Tricks for Dealing with Writers Block

Writers block. Ugh. It is terrible! What do you do when you have allocated time and planned to write something spectacular but there simply is no inspiration or creativity to be found? It is a tricky question but usually there is help! In this post I will share my thoughts and advice on how I go about when dealing with writers block.

Writes block often strikes me without me realizing it for a few hours so the sooner you learn to recognize the patterns the better because it can be a huge time waster. Like today for example, a lovely Sunday with loads of free time to just write and write. And I was going to, but it did not happen. Why? Because I was not in the right state of mind and I tried to force it. That just wont work.

Dealing with writers block

I often write my best posts in the middle of the night or in the evenings. The less distractions the better and at night it is so quiet and peaceful. But today I could not really wait until tonight as I have to work tomorrow but luckily I managed to pull this ace out of my sleeve. Writing about the writers block was easier than expected, so that is one way to get out of it. “But wait, there is more.”

Here are some techniques that helps when you are dealing with writers block:

  1. Call a friend and see if they have any ideas or inspiration for topics
  2. Do something else for a while and clear your head
  3. Do not stress about not writing, it usually only makes it worse
  4. Get your blood flowing, do some exercising
  5. Google something and see if you can write about that
  6. Look through other blogs, groups, forums etc. and find inspiration
  7. Read through some of your old material
  8. Re-write something that you have written before
  9. Start writing a post without planning it out first
  10. Treat yourself with something nice to award yourself for previous good work
  11. Write about your writers block

Most importantly

The most important things is to not stress yourself out about it. But also to learn from whenever it happens. Instead of just solving it also try to figure out why it happened in the first place.

And keep in mind that ff it is not the right time then it is simply just not the right time. Instead of getting frustrated and upset just do something else for a while in order to not think about writing at all.

Find routines that work for you and stick to what you know works well to help you snap out of it. Hopefully this post was or will be of some help for you when it is your time to face the writers block.

dealing with writers block

Thank you for reading! Stay awesome!


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