5 Awesome Free Plugins for WordPress

There are many, many different plugins out there and most of them are really handy. Some of them cost money while others are available for free. There are some plugins that I use for nearly all my blogs without having to pay for them, until I am ready to do so. I selected 5 of these plugins to share with you, this is 5 Awesome Free Plugins for WordPress.

Now I would be surprised if you have not heard of most of or nearly all of these plugins before. They are well known for a reason and I could recommend these awesome free plugins for WordPress to anyone in need of the type of service which they provide.

You can find and download them all for free either on their webpages or through the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

They all offer free versions that you can use for as long as you like. They do also have premium versions but the free ones are still very good.

5 awesome free plugins for WordPress

Flickr Album Gallery 

Useful for anyone working with high-res photos

The first one is Flickr Album Gallery plugin. You can say that it lives up to it′s name since it′s function is to display galleries of your Flickr albums on your WordPress page.

Well what is the use of that? Well first of it saves you a ton of hosting space if you work with high-res photographs. Since Flickr offers the astonishing amount of 1 terabyte(1000 gigabytes) of storage for free you might as well use it. Also Flickr does not compress your photo as badly as for example Facebook.

It is easy to set up and manage since you manage it all through Flickr. All you really need to do on WordPress is to use your shortcode and voila, you are all set!

I use it myself as you can see if you go to the tab Photography in the menu and it has saved me money and time so I consider it to be one of the awesome free plugins for WordPress.


Filled with functions and capability

JetPack is a beast when it comes to functionalities. They offer so many different services and more that it would be too much to list them all here. If you are not familiar with Jetpack already I think that you really should look into it.

It might not be the best plugin to do all of these things but it is nice to have it all through one plugin and it is a great starter plugin for new pages. Try out the functions offered to see what you have use for.

Basically it can do most things very well but it should be said that it can be bad for SEO. Do not activate too much just for the sake of having it activated. Use what you need to not waste the power and speed of your webpage.

What I like most about it is the statistics, protection and share buttons which all are managed easily through the plugin.

The Post Grid

Perfect for having pages focused around a certain category

Post grids! I love ´em! To be fair I do not use them very much on this page except for under “All Posts”. But on my other webpages, I also have two in Swedish, I tend to use The Post Grid plugin a whole lot.

It is super efficient when it comes to having individual pages focused on one special category. So if you have a page on your blog and you want all the posts related to that page to be visible there you can set that up easily, for free.

It is very easy to use as it is all done through shortcodes. You simply install it, create a new post grid and select whatever things you want to be shown in the grid. Then you get the code and implement it on the pages you want the grid to be shown on.

Super easy to use and definitely worth mentioning in a list of awesome free plugins for WordPress.

W3 Total Cache

It can make you fly or it can make you die

There are two sides of SEO. W3 Total Cache handles what I would call the inside. Here you can set up so many things that can make your webpage run smoother or even ruin it completely.

Be very careful when using or changing things in this plugin as it really can destroy your webpage if done wrong. Just to stay on the safe side just make sure that you Always create a backup (or more)before you change any settings in this plugin. I wrote a guide explaining how to create a WordPress backup for free.

But do not fear and do not let stop you from using this plugin. There are many guides and walk-troughs out there on how to use this plugin. Once you get it right it will be so worth it because your page will rank higher on Google, run better and give your visitors the best possible experience.

Yoast SEO

Optimize your written material like a pro for free

The last item on this list is Yoast SEO. This plugin is for the outside of your page, the text and you can optimize it to get picked up by search engines. Maybe you are thinking “is that really so important?” and the answer is “YES!”.

If you use this plugin as much as you can and follow the guidelines you will for sure notice a difference than to not using it at all. It really helps you know how to optimize your material which is vital in getting more hits through Google and for growing your page.

It helps you with so much and it is all for free until, if, you feel like paying to help the creators of the plugin. I use Yoast SEO as much as I can and I encourage you to do too! Combine it with VigLink and you can monetize easily.

Thank you for reading my post about 5 awesome free plugins for WordPress. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed it and that it was helpful. Please do share or like the post if it was worth reading. Thank you!

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