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Heyup! Lately I have been thinking a lot if maybe I need to add some sort of routine to my blogging to make it more efficient. As of now I do most things when I “feel like it” which suits me as a person very well. But it also means that some things tend to not get done at all.

Surely there must be some sort of middle-ground for this. And there is! Basically the problem for me is to remember to do all the minuscule tasks. Such as engaging on different social medias and so on. So what I really need is not routine but more of a schedule.

So let us break it down and see what I really need to do each day to have my blog growing steadily.

As of now I have 3 different webpages, two in Swedish and one in English, and I will only focus on my English one at the moment, mainly since it is the one you are currently reading on.

What I do daily

So for StefTravels I try to be active everyday and at least do something or get something out there. I find that the consistency really does have a huge impact on my reach. So what I try to do daily is:

  • Post daily – Often I write the post the same day as I post it. Which is why the blog sometimes can be a bit random. This also includes sharing the post on different medias.
  • Engage on Social Media – I mainly focus on Twitter. Why Twitter? Well I found that it is a great social media for sharing travel posts etc. Facebook is OK but I do see a lot more engagement on Twitter at the moment which is weird because I share my post a lot more on Facebook.
  • Gather material for the next posts – This point various a lot since it can be anything or nothing. Basically I find see inspiration for a post I try to write it down or save it for later. It has been a huge help at times!

Now this does not seem like a lot at all! But do keep in mind that I am juggling three blogs at the moment which means that it can be a bit much to do at times.

Blogging routine


Thinking about it I realized that a good schedule for me would probably be something like this:

  • Step 1 – Write the posts
  • Step 2 – Share them on social media
  • Step 3 – Engage on social medias (comment, like, share, follow etc.)
  • Step 3,5 –┬áHandle groups on Facebook etc.
  • Step 4 – Answer any questions on the blogs
  • Step 5 – Gather material for next posts

I will try it out! Hopefully it will enable me to have a much better flow in my work which I hope will be seen in results of such as daily visitors etc.

So I will deploy this new schedule and see how it works. I will get back to you with the results later on. Now let me ask you how would you daily schedule look? Did you ever consider making one or have you like myself just been winging it? Try it out and see what happens!

Thank you for reading!

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