Consistency is Key!

Blogging. It is fun! But it takes time! Something I keep realizing is how important it is to stay consistent. As soon as I let a few days go by without posting I see the statistics dropping. It is not strange or anything but it clearly shows that if you want to be successful in blogging you need to have consistency.

So how to do it? How to post daily or bi-daily? Well sometimes it is a lot easier than other times. I wrote a post earlier about overcoming writers block which hopefully helped people stay consistent.

A good trick that I try to use is to write a lot of posts when I have the time, energy and creativity to do so. Writing a post a day works fine until it doesn’t. That is when it is really handy to already have a finished post to share with your readers.

Stack ’em up

After writing a post it might be a good idea to just start on a new one immediately. Do so even before you start sharing the one you finished because that way you are still in your creative state of mind.

If you can, write several posts at the same time and then schedule them to be posted daily or with a day or two in between.

I promise that if you try this approach you will find it a lot easier to stay consistent. That will also show in your statistics because if you keep putting out new and good material you will keep getting readers.

Try it out

Give it a shot and I am sure that you will see result! Why not try it out for a month or two? A whole month or more!? Yes! That is what it takes! Try it, I am sure that you will see the use of it.

Good luck!


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