The Do’s and The Don’ts of To Do Lists

To do lists can be great and very useful but they can also be overwhelming and completely kill ones motivation. Learning the difference can be vital and extremely helpful when trying to get stuff done.

I have always been a big fan of to do lists because it easily gives me an overview of what I need to do. It can be nice to have it all listed and easily accessible so as to not forget what that needs to be done.

With that said I sometimes find myself doing it the wrong way as I either put way too much time into making the list itself rather than working on the items on the list.

Also at other times just looking at a big list gets me overwhelmed and I keep thinking “Where should I even start?”

So these to do lists can be double edged swords but if you learn to wield them properly that wont be a problem anymore.

The Do’s and The Don’ts

So you need to get something done? Great! A to do list can be a perfect tool as you easily can organize and compile your upcoming tasks before knocking them down one by one.

I have found that a to do list works best for me when I follow these criteria:

  1. Start with the biggest tasks first
  2. Keep it simple and focus on what you will do right now
  3. Don’t put too many things onto your list
  4. Reward yourself for completing tasks

Starting with the biggest tasks makes it feel easier and easier the more things you complete on your list. That way you don’t have to feel that you are working uphill.

Keep it simple and focus on what you will do right now because adding a lot of things that you Need to do but Won’t do right now is useless as it will make you feel over encumbered.

Reward yourself for completing tasks in any way that suits you well. Just don’t lose your focus from the work that needs to be done. A small reward that keeps you motivated is all that you need. For me, chocolate is king.

So don’t be afraid of using to do lists but make sure you use them correctly so that they Boost instead of Stop your progress!

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