High Quality Royalty Free Photos and Images

If you want to produce high quality posts then you will need high quality photos. Most people do not have the know how or time to master photography but thankfully there is a solution to that. In this post I will list the pages I use to find high quality royalty free photos and images.

Many very talented photographers offer their photos for free, completely royalty free even. You are bot required to link back to any page or leave any kind of attribution, you don′t even need to sign-up to the pages where you find the photos.

When I discovered them it was like a gift from heaven above because it really meant that I could step up my blogging to the next level. Instead of using my own mediocre photos I can find excellent high quality royalty free photos and images and so can you.

These are the pages where I find my high quality royalty free photos and images, you will probably recognize some or many photos:

Pexels – Link to Pexels

This is my favorite site of all the ones that I have tested out so far. On Pexels.com all of the photos are high quality and shared under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. It means that you can use the pictures completely free for any legal purpose without asking permission.

Most of the times I find what I search for on Pexels but sometimes I have to look on other pages. They also have a section for videos that you can use for your material.

Example photo:

Pixabay – Link to Pixabay

With more than 1 070 000 pictures, vectors and illustrations Pixabay often has something in the range of what I am searching for.

I find that the over all standard is lower than on Pexels but there are still a lot of many nice photos and pictures in their library. They also have videos.

Pixabay has their own license which is a bit more strect than the regular Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license but you best read about that yourself in their FAQ.

Example photo:

StockSnap – Link to StockSnap

This page was the first one that I started to use when I needed high quality royalty free photos and images and it still serves it purpose well.

In my eyes the quality is better than on Pixabay but not as good as on Pexels. The photos on StockSnap are published under the Creative Commons CC0 license just as on Pexels.

They do not have as many photos as the other sites and updates can be slow but most of the time they deliver well.

Example photo:

My favorite

As you may have figured out already I mainly use Pexels nowadays. The over all quality of their published material is extraordinary.

Once I found that page I stopped looking for more and with Pixabay and StockSnap as backups I never find myself looking for photos for more then a minute at tops.

Thank you fo reading “High Quality Royalty Free Photos and Images”! Hopefully this post can help you out! If you found it useful please like or share the post.

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