How to: Market your Blog for Free

Since I started focusing more on writing about blogging I have been lucky enough to interact with many truly wonderful people from all over the world. One question that many of them ask is “why am I not getting any traffic even though my content is good and the blog works fine?”. When counter questioned about what they are currently doing to market themselves they rarely have a good answer. This post is about how to market your blog for free.

Maybe you as many others started a blog without really thinking it through first? I know I did. I was clueless at first. I thought that I could use make the blog, start writing and the visitors would just show up.

Boy was I wrong! Please don´t misunderstand, writing awesome content is vital and key to growing your blog in the long term. Interacting with your audience is also very important and having a good looking and well functioning page is also crucial for success.

But more importantly, especially so when your blog is new, is… Marketing! 

Yes marketing. Why? Well you need visitors right? For what is the point of writing amazing content if no one is going to read it? Hence, it’d be beneficient to one if they were to implement strategies in digital marketing the new way.

And yes it is true that the better blog you make in sense of it running well, looking good and having appealing material the less you have to market it. But you can not skip marketing all together.

market your blog for free

Market your blog for free

Marketing does not need to cost more than your time. With that said, maybe you value your time not doing marketing higher and in that case it could be advisable to get professional assistance with that.

But if you are prepared to work for it you can achieve great things, without spending any money. So what are some ways to market your blog for free? Lets have a look.

  • Family and friends – Tell your family and friends about your blog. Seems obvious but a lot of people miss out or skip out on doing this.
  • Forums – Post your blog on forums such as Reddit and similar webpages to gain a broader reach. Membership is free. Groups on Facebook like this one “Share Your Travel Blog/Posts” created by yours truly can be a good place to start.
  • Guest blogging – Write posts and have other bloggers present those posts and your blog at the same time. Voila, you both gain from it!
  • Interact – Muy importante! Always interact with other bloggers and your audience. But do it wholeheartedly or not at all. Get to know your fan base, I did and my network is getting bigger day by day because I get to know a lot of awesome and inspiring people.
  • Join lists & directories – Add your blog to different top lists and directories (). But do not add it to more than 3-5 so that it does not impact your Google rankings.
  • Social Media – Yes it is important! Do not underestimate Facebook, Path, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter etc. Use plugins or free services to automatize your blog meaning that your post on WordPress automatically publicizes on your other platforms.
  • Quora – A great webpage where you can ask and answer questions. Give good answers and promote your blog at the same time for a win-win where you help new bloggers and also get traffic in return.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Study it online until you are a pro or get plugins like Yoast to help you out for free. The better you rank on Google the more people will find your blog.
  • Wikipedia – Have you written something worthy of the Holy Wiki? Then by all means do add it to their page!
  • Word to mouth – Start talking about your blog! Get people interested or even better incorporate them in one of your posts if you can.

That just a few of the many, many different ways you can market your blog for free. I bet that you can think of more so do not stop here.

Make a marketing plan, it does not need to be super detailed but have a think about it for a while.

How can you maximize your reach (the amount of people that see your post)? How can you interact better with your audience? How can you improve your marketing? What is the goal of your marketing?

Write it down and get to action. The sooner you start the better! And while you are at it, what are some of your ideas for ways to market your blog for free?

Thank you for reading! Stay awesome!

market your blog for free


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