Last Week in Statistics

I have decided to start doing weekly rapports of how my blogs are doing. I hope it will make some sense even though my two other blogs are in Swedish. At least the statistics might be interesting.

So as you may or may not know I have three websites all in all. This one in English and then one about investments in Swedish and one about backpacking also in Swedish.

So all in all I have two pages about traveling and one about investments. I would say that I have put about 75% of my work and energy into the first one about investments. It is also the biggest one so far.

Currently I am aiming at posting something daily on all three websites which sometimes can be tough but I am getting better and better at it.

I can easily see what a difference it makes to keep ones activity up. On my finance blog I have posted almost daily for a year while I have slacked off on the other ones. The difference in results are huge.

This is the statistics from each separate webpage for last week. I am not surprised at all about the amount of visitors to StefTravels because I have been way to inactive with it recently.

So this is hopefully interesting for you and for me it is a way to kick myself in the ass to get going and post more. I hope you enjoy it!

I leave StefTravels out of the statistics for now due to the amount of visitors being so low because of my inactivity, next week it will be there!

SvenskaBackpackers – Swedish – Backpacking

Page views: 743
Visitors: 538
Views per visitor: 1.38

So not a whole lot but with my increased activity I aim for this to be at least doubled by the end of this week. That should not be an impossible task at all but lets see how it goes!

Seeing as I only posted 4 posts last week I will see how much of an increase I will get from posting daily. The amount of views per visitor is not all that great either, I will have to look at how I can better make the visitors continue on reading.

IhĂ„llande Investeringar – Swedish – Investments/Saving

Page views: 2131
Visitors: 797
Views per visitor: 2,67

With 5 posts published last week I know for a fact that I could have gotten a higher result if I had posted 7. This week I am all in for one post each day and it will surely make an even better result for this week.

I am happy about having over 2k+ views as it is about 300 views per day. Not bad at all but far from ideal! Next week I hope to have 3k+ views, lets see if I can do it!

Thank you for reading! I hope you found it interesting. If you did, please do like or share the post on Facebook that would be awesome. Peace!

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