How to: Make money while traveling

Do you want to make money while traveling?

Well join the club! Once you start traveling you rarely want to quit. Sometimes having to go to the airport and leave one of your favorite places ever is devastating. So naturally the question often comes up, the question of how do I make money while traveling?

First of all is it even possible to make money while traveling? Yes it sure is. It does not even need to be difficult. It all depends on your skills, techniques and dedication. Actually there are tons of different ways to have an income on the road or while living as an expat. In this post I will go through some of the alternatives out there to hopefully help you gain some insights and ideas for how to make money while traveling.

I compiled this list of 19 ways that you can earn some extra cash or actually make really good money while traveling. As always it all depends on the time and effort you put in, what market it is and of course on timing. Not everyone is fit to make money while traveling but if you are and if you can, why not!?

Just make sure that you network a lot and learn from the people you meet. Inspiration is everywhere and everyone can be an inventor. Listen to what people way, their knowledge is key. Do so while you set up goals for yourself and you will soon be on your way to a good income even when on the road.

Here you have 19 legit ways to make money while traveling:

1. Au Pair 

With previous experience and good reviews from previous families it is more than possible to find work world wide. You can almost go anywhere to work and usually the terms are really good as accommodation usually is included. This can be a great way to get a foot into a new and exciting country!

2. Boats / Yachts

Yes it is possible to find work on boats or even yachts! If you are service minded and up for the task then why not sail around the world and get paid for doing so? A great way to travel and make money. The length of your contract varies from place to place which makes it possible to work very flexibly.  You can try out if you are on the hunt for a job on a boat or a yacht. What a way to make money while traveling!

3. Busking

Very common but not always appreciated. Busking can be a good source of income and you do not really need to be talented. Just make sure that it is allowed to be busking in the area you are. It is easier to make money while traveling if you are not pissing off the locals.
Ingredients for success: Get creative, involve the audience and make people laugh.

4. Blogging

Many people try it and most of them give up. If you are going to blog for an income I would advice you to start doing it just for fun. See how it goes. Trying to monetize a blog to early or too much can be devastating. So take things easy and find a niche to focus on. Choose a name that is easy to remember and preferably fun in some way. Write high quality material and spread your blog by word to mouth and social media. That way you really don’t need to pay much at all to get started!

5. Edit/Translate Menus

Yes you can actually make some money or get free food out of this. Simply walk into a restaurant and offer to translate their menu to any language you can do a good job in. Make sure to do it correctly and leave your card or some way to contact you in case they need you to come back!

6. Farm Work 

Whether it is volunteer work through pages like Work Away or paid farm work, common in Australia, you can either save tons or make a bit of money while traveling in foreign countries. Make sure to read up about your employer before you decide anything because this branch of business have a few rotten apples. Hehe. But jokes aside this can be a life saver if you really need tomake money while traveling.

7. Fiverr

Basically anyone can find work through Fiverr and basically anyone can find a worker there. So if you for example want to start selling logos you can do so through their marketplace. Also if you need someone to make a logo for your newly started business you can go to Fiverr and have your order placed within minutes. I have never bought or sold anything through Fiverr yet but I am thinking of getting my logo done through there. Free to sign up.

8. Guide other travelers

Through pages such as TourHQ you can sign up and actually become a guide! Pay only when you get paid means no start up fee. So if you are knowledgeable about a place or if you are staying longer terms in different areas then this can be a very good way to earn money. I met a traveler doing just this in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and he said it was not only very fun but also good pay at times.

9. Investing

Investing? Yeah! Maybe not so commonly connected to backpacking but it can be a great way to earn money while traveling. Manage it well and you can travel endlessly. However investing comes with great risks so be very careful when it comes to doing it. When I went to Asia for 8 months I had half of my budget on the bank and 50% of it invested. The invested money grew a lot before I had to start using it which helped me travel even longer. You can trade in currencies, buy stocks and funds or bet or invest in other ways.

10. Hospitality jobs

Have you arrived in an awesome hostel? Why not ask if they need a hand? It is surprisingly easy to find jobs in hospitality in most places of the world. Just ask! Of course keep in mind that you may need to clean up if you go to some high end restaurant or hotel. As long as you are service minded and friendly you have a shot at doing a good job in this business. So go to a bar, hostel, hotel, restaurant, gym, reception of any place and just ask if they need help. Worst case scenario they say no and best case scenario you can get a pay check and continue to travel!

11. Paid Reviews

An incredibly mundane task indeed but it can still net you a income enough to survive on. I write survive because you generally do not make very good money from reviews, but you Can. It all depends on your work and effort. Also it is kind of perfect as all you really need is an internet connection and your phone, tablet or laptop and it should not cost you anything to get started either. Check this post out on for ideas a list of pages that pay you for doing reviews.

12. Photography 

If you can do it then why not? Let people now that you are for hire or even walk into different establishments and ask if they need anything to be photographed. Maybe even photos of the staff, try to sell your idea somehow. Also if you hear of any event then you should contact them to see if they need your help. If you are good and know how to charge what you are worth then this can actually be a great source of income. Especially if you also sell stock photos online, see paragraph #17.

13. Remote Work

Are you talented in customer service? Can you work with telephone sales? Are you a good writer? The possibilities are endless! You can turn a laptop, headset and internet connection into a great source of income while on the road. You do not need to be a freelancer to find remote work, walk around the area you are in and see if any place is hiring. A good page to look for work on is Upwork which you can read about in paragraph #20.

14. Review places

 Walk into hotels, bars, restaurants etc. and offer to review them on your media! This can net you some money and free meals if done correctly.

15. Social Media

Is it possible to make money from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? Heck yes it is! In many different ways. For example you can sign up with pages as and you will be offered money only for social mentions. Basically a company will send you a product, you post a photo with it on Instagram then you get paid and get to keep the product. Kind of amazing way to make money while traveling!

16. Sell Crafts & Art

Similar to busking but not so noisy. If you are handy you can always whip together some crafts. Then all you need to do is find a highly trafficked place and sit down and wait. Present your crafts in a fun way that draws attention to get people to stop and look at your goods. This can be super fun but also super tough. As always: Find a niche, put quality into your work and present it with a big smile! 🙂

17. Sell stock photos

Are your photos good enough to be sold? Maybe, maybe not. But why not give it a go? It does not have to cost you anything to start selling. Surely it is not easy but good things seldom are. The competition is tough but do not let that stop you from trying it out. There are many pages where you can sell your photos. All you need to do is to sign up, edit your photos accordingly to their guide lines if necessary and wait for your sales to start rolling in! Three of the most profitable are: Alamy, SmugMug & ShutterStock.

18. Teaching

As many already know by now it is possible to get a teaching license to travel the world with. In some places as Japan, or even Vietnam, you can actually make good money from it. In some places you do not need to have a certificate but it always helps. Check TEFL out , they can help you with everything you need to get started. After you get your certificate then all you have to do is to go online and start searching!

19. Upwork

By many considered the #1 choice for freelancers and companies to connect. I have used them myself to do translation jobs when I was in need of money in Malaysia. It is not difficult to find work there if you find find a niche and they can pay to PayPal. I received my payout with no hassle. Free to sign up. You can read my short review about them Here.

So there you go. 19 hopefully helpful tips to help you make money while traveling. Did I miss anything or if you just want to add something please do not hesitate to comment. Stay awesome!


    1. Heyo! Thank you so much! Sure I took a look at your blog and my first thought was that it is very empty on the right hand side. Maybe you can add some colorful photos or something to your sidebar? About monetizing it you should choose if you will go with Affiliates or with selling products or services.

  1. Hello Stef,

    Your post is great!

    Making money while travel is a topic that you have to cover.

    Best Regards!

  2. Nice …
    I travel a lot
    And I tried all kinds of ways to make money online
    What works best for me is koocam
    I teach my hobbies and sell my knowledge in any field
    It’s great 🙂

  3. Great post Stef! I’m not in money making online business but from time to time I make money online. I love freelancing and paid surveys. One trick that work great is that there are many high paying offers like mystery shopping and focus groups that pay a lot of money but work one time, they are local! When you visit a specific place, you can run these offers, great deal!!! It work one time, it is not a residual income of course, but for these that are looking for some extra money, it can help. Note: some of these paid surveys, focus groups and mystery shopping pay more than $100 in some cases. Hope that helps.

    1. Thank you Wamnda for reading and for your awesome comment! I will make sure to look into this, thank you and have a blessed day. 🙂

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