How to: Make Money With Social Media

You could be making big bucks right now instead of just scrolling around the web. How? Well one way is to Make Money With Social Media. You do not even need to have your own website or blog to work with affiliate-marketing anymore. For sure, I find it easier to use my website but sometimes it is not needed.

So how do you Make Money With Social Media? Simple! Let me guide you through the process in this post. In a matter of minutes you will be up and running. It really is that easy and it goes fast to get started.

The best thing of it all? No start-up fees. This is no pyramid scheme or any shit like that, this is all about Your work and effort turning into revenue. Do you think that it is possible? Let me show you that it is:

How to Make Money With Social Media
1 Euro = 9,76 kr

Not easy

Will it be easy to Make Money With Social Media? Not at first. As you can see from my photo above it is far from impossible to make money in this way. But it will take time and effort to get started and you will probably feel like quitting several times.

However, if you hang in there and work hard, you can actually make a lot of money!

So if you decide to try it out, do not give up after a day or two. Give it at least a month of work and I assure you that you will see results. And once you see results, it all becomes so much easier.

How to do it?

There are many different ways and channels to promote your content through. I like Facebook and Twitter because that is what I am used to using.

In Facebook for example you can find big groups with the same niche as your affiliates. Basically you write a post and share your link, people then follow that link and buy something and you get a piece of the deal.

This means that you need to write HIGH QUALITY posts! Do NOT spam or just copy-paste because that usually only gets you blocked.

Write a detailed and helpful message and include your link in the post. If you do that correctly you can easily see a lot of traffic generated from your post.

If you do it correctly you can pretty much work from your phone instead of from an office.

Where do I start?

So what you will need is a audience to market your links to and links to market to your audience. Hopefully you already have somewhat of an audience through friends, family and groups that you engage in.

If you do not already have that I urge you to start looking for good groups to post your material in.

Finding the links are the easiest part of it all. Sign up with different affiliate companies and they will provide you with the links.

In my link directory I have a few affiliate companies that you may want to try out in order to maximize your revenue. You can find them through this Link. Sign up and in a matter of minutes you are ready to make money with social media.

Stay consistent

Once you start to see revenue it is important to not overreact in any direction. It can be tempting to send out 50 links as soon as you see your first sale. But that could severely damage your chances in the future.

Stay moderate, post when you see a good opportunity instead of just spamming daily. Also, responding to other peoples posts is often a lot better than to write your own post. So stay active but do not overdo it!

How to: Make Money With Social Media

What are you waiting for?

Sign up with the affiliate programs you can find Here and get started! Soon you are your own boss working from home with the possibilities of being a digital nomad! Best of luck!

Thank you for reading “How to: Make Money With Social Media“! Stay awesome!



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