How to: Monetize Old and New Material Automatically

Hey have you heard of VigLink? Neither had I until recently but I am happy that I did. Better late than never as people usually say. What is VigLink? Well it is kind of a affiliate program but it is also a lot more than that.

The thing that I am using VigLink for is their ability to add links to previous posts that I have written. Basically all I have to do is to register, for free, on their website and then add their plugin to my WordPress.

That Plugin can then, after how I tune the settings, change out links for me to affiliate sites. I am going to try this out because it can be a great source of revenue for very little work. Also I find that text-ads are the best kind of ads because they do not disrupt a page as much as some flash ad that keeps changing every 10 seconds.

That means that I can monetize my blog without having to do much work at all and even better is that it wont lower the quality of my blog.

Sounds pretty awesome right? I thought so and I joined the program to test it out. Now I have only been a member for a few days so obviously I can not say if it is good or bad yet. However I have already seen some clicks on links that I know VigLink has addded for me automatically.

Referral program

VigLink does not only help you out by monetizing your page for you. You can also use their referral program and make revenue off of new members, precisely what I am doing now!

So if you think that VigLink is something for you and you also want to try it out for free. Then by all means please do follow the banner in the bottom or this Link. You wont lose anything from it but we both win if you do and I Love win-win scenarios! Don’t you?I

VigLink banner

I hope you find this useful. Please let me know if you decide to try it and share your results with us! I will make another post in a few weeks to share my progress, peace out!

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