Living on Gran Canaria I am not traveling around much for a while but I still want to keep blogging. This means that I will have to adapt my writing a bit.

Therefore I am now writing about blogging also instead of just about traveling. I will also try to update more about how life on the island is.

On this page you can read posts related to blogging and a little bit of my experience in this subject.

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Blogging on the go

Blogging on the go

Blogging on the go – How, why, who From time to time people wonder and ask about how it is

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A passion is not work

Writing has always been a hobby of mine but I never really got around to do it. I was focused on writing a book for a while but that never happened. At the same time I was making webpages in HTML with flash games just for fun. They looked truly awful, but everyone has to start somewhere  and back then there was no such things as WordPress.

All of the sudden I realized that I could mix my passions together and get a blog going. This was in July 2016. Since then I have started 3, including this one, different webpages and I plan to start more within shortly!

How I started

I started making my own webpages in my early teens and thanks to a helpful older brother I got the hang of it rather early. It has always been fun and the combination of writing, design and working with programs as Photoshop is just amazing.

Since then I have learnt a thing or two about the process and even though it is ever changing some things just stay the same. So with that said I will be writing about blogging from time to time so do not be surprised. Also I will not stop writing about traveling completely but just a bit less than before.

Now you start

If you are thinking about starting a blog then just do so! Stop overthinking it and just get started. The rest will work itself out along the way. It is a lot of fun even though it is a tough challenge. However, with the right mindset you will succeed with no doubt!

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Hopefully you can find some interesting and helpful material on here! Stay awesome!

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