Upwork Review

Upwork Review

Surprisingly enough a lot of people still do not know of Upwork.com yet, so I decided to write this Upwork review. It is a service for freelancers and companies looking to hire freelancers. Maybe you have heard of either Elance or O-desk? Well they both joined forces and thus created Upwork in 2015.

About three million jobs are posted annually on their website which speaks for it self. This is a good place to go in order to find freelancers or to find jobs. I hope you get some insight from this Upwork Review.

What jobs

To list all of the available jobs here would be a tremendous effort. To keep it short here are some examples of jobs you may find through Upwork:

  • Administration
  • Analytics
  • Coding
  • Customer Service
  • Developing
  • Graphic Design
  • Legal Work
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Translating
  • All types of Writing

And much, much more! The length of the jobs differ a lot, you can find anything from one time jobs to full time positions.

Me and Upwork

I came across Upwork back in late 2015 when I was backpacking in Malaysia. My lovely Couchsurfing host introduced me to Upwork when I was looking for ways to earn money as I was traveling. I signed up, made my profile and soon started receiving offers for different jobs.

I found it very easy to get translation jobs and started doing them. It did not take many days before I had earned $60 and it felt amazing. However after I left her home I never really picked it up again. I got my money paid to PayPal just as they promise and the process was not complicated at all.

(You can click to check more information on PayPal and the various services that it extends)

Tough competition

To be honest the competition on Upwork can be tough at times. Basically anything you can do it, someone in India will do for a tenth of the price you would charge. Therefore languages are very important and it can be your perfect edge. For me it is rather easy to find jobs in regards to translating Swedish. Hopefully you can find some similar niche and use it to your favor.

Easy to use

I found that Upwork was very easy to use. The webpage is maybe not the most beautiful one but it serves its purpose well. I think most people will find it easily to use it so I do recommend Upwork to anyone who is looking for freelance jobs. It costs nothing to sign-up or to look for jobs. The only fees you pay are when you get paid or withdraw your money.

So if you are on the road and need some legit extra money then by all means go look at Upwork. I give them five out of five in score in my Upwork Review.


  1. Stef,

    I really appreciate this post! I checked out the site and found quite a few potential opportunities to take advantage of.

    Again, thank you!

    1. Hey August!
      I am very happy to hear so, I hope it work out awesomely for you! Also, your blog just looks out of this world! Super nice! 🙂


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