What is the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license

When you are trying to find material online it is good to know a thing or two about licenses. Knowing about it can stop you from copyright infringing on others material which is far from appreciated and even illegal. This is a post about the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

Looking for material to use online such as photos, images, videos and much more for my blog posts I always look for material listed under the “Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license“.

If it is listed under the CC0 you can use it freely without having to ask permission. This means that you can edit it as you like and use it for commercial use.

That is great because it means that the kind and awesome people that put up their work and at the same time waives their rights of ownership provides you with high quality material for free.

If anyone who puts their work under the CC0 is reading this: Thank you, you are awesome!

What is the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license

The world is yours

So if you need some beautiful photos for a blog post but lack the means or tools to capture them for yourself you can just go online and find them in a matter of seconds. This can be a possible game changer for your blog if you did not know about it already.

I can say that I noticed a big change in my posts after I started using high quality royalty free photos and images because it spices up the posts.

Whenever you are looking for material always look for the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license because it is the easiest and safest way to go.

Also do remember that al tough you are not required to contribute or help back it is always appreciated if you would choose to do so.

Thank you for reading about the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

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