10 Animals & 10 Travel blogs

10 Animals & 10 Travel blogs

Welcome to yet another collaboration of the group “Share Your Travel Blog/Posts“! From time to time we organize ourselves a little bit and come together to create a post made up by many different bloggers. This is the third one to be more precise and this time we share stories from our travel blogs about animals we met on our journeys.

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1. Showing some love

During my trip across the Loira Valley, in the gardens of Chambord Castle I saw this beautiful donkey standing there and for some reason I felt I had to give him so love. In that moment, there was an absolute connection between us and I loved it!
By: Whereisnuriatravelling.com

10 animals 10 travel blogs2. Kitty time!

We met this cute kitty in Loulé in Portugal. You find more about our Portugal adventures on our blog!
By: Fouronaworldtrip.com10 animals 10 travel blogs

3. Nope, still not in a hurry

I had promised my wife we would see a sloth while in Costa Rica. After almost two weeks of bad weather caused by Hurricane Otto, we still hadn’t spotted one. As I was sitting by the pool one afternoon, I noticed a slight movement in a tree, and we spotted these two cuties having a cuddle!
By: Therainbowroute.com

10 animals 10 travel blogs

4. The White Miracle

Our meeting with the white miracle took place at 660m above sea level. This sheep was grazing near observation deck of Hangursbanen cable car (Voss, Norway). We looked at each other for some seconds and then returned each to their own activities.
By: Facebook.com/putevblogscandi/

10 animals 10 travel blogs

5. Iceland’s largest predator!

This past February, we came face-to-face with Iceland’s largest predator. Dun dun dun! Actually, arctic foxes are usually very shy, but while we were enjoying the view and learning about the history of Djúpalónssandur, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, and saw this little guy sneaking around our group.

Since they’re opportunistic eaters, it’s not uncommon for these shy creatures to shadow tourist groups, looking for discarded snacks. Unfortunately, this fellow had a bit of a limp, so he may have been relying on scavenging a little more than usual.

Also of interest, his coat is a great reflection of the unseasonably warm winter Iceland had been experiencing – in was mid-February, and he’d already shed his winter white fuzz for a much less snowy brown coat. To learn more about our adventures, visit our webpage!
By: Tworestlesshomebodies.com

10 animals 10 travel blogs

6. Donkeys in the middle of the street

There’s a lot of wild donkeys on the small Island of St. John, USVI. Sometimes you’ll find these donkeys in the middle of the street, begging you for food lol. I’m a very new travel blogger and I love it!
By: Bingetravelerguide.com

10 animals 10 travel blogs

7. Cat lookout

It looked like this cat was judging us. Found it on our way out of the old warehouse district of Kawagoe, Japan.
By: Tenthousandstrangers.com

10 animals 10 travel blogs

8. Wild long-haired cows!

If you go for a walk in one of the national parks in the Netherlands, be prepared to meet them everywhere: the wild long-haired cows! They will just pop up in the middle of the path! Don’t get scared – they have seen many people, but still they are wild, so don’t make them angry!
By: Ipanematravels.com

10 animals 10 travel blogs

9. A nature reserve and temple

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is exactly what it sounds like — a nature reserve and temple complex with more than 340 long-tailed macaques roaming freely. These entertaining socialites do not hesitate to climb on, steal from, and perch from visitors brave enough to interact with them.
By: Globalgirltravels.com/monkey-forest-bali/

10 animals 10 travel blogs

10. Emerald eyes

Visiting the beach from the movie “The Beach” featuring Leonardo Di Caprio I met this amazingly beautiful cat. I regard this to one of my 5 best photos ever taken. Those eyes were so easy to get lost in and I was captivated by this kind creature.
By: Me! 😛

10 animals 10 travel blogs

Thank you all for participating and helping create this post!

Thank you for reading! Do not forget to visit the travel blogs and lets connect! 🙂

Safe Travels!

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