Facebook Groups


I do not only manage and operate this blog of mine but I also have some groups on Facebook.

The groups are focused primarily around traveling and blogging.

One group is called “Share your Travel Photo/Videos” and it is for anyone who would like to see others travel photos and videos but also for anyone that would like to share their own material.

The other one is called “Share your Travel Blog/Posts“. Here bloggers and readers come together to share or take part of blogs and posts.

For readers these groups are a great way to take part of wonderful material from people all over the globe.

Flor bloggers and creators it is a great way to reach out to new readers and followers. Basically a win-win that does not cost anyone anything to take part of!

Please feel free to join the groups but make sure to read the rules to keep the workload down for the moderators.

You can find the rules and the moderators, whom are all travel bloggers, in the group descriptions where you also find links to their awesome blogs!


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