How To: Build a Network Around your Website

Something that I have been tincturing a bit with is to build sites around my blogs that later on can boost each other. In this post I will explain a bit about how I have done it and how you can build a network around your website.

After managing several groups and pages on Facebook as a hobby for a while I began to realize that a real win-win is when I can use two of my pages to boost each other.

So I started to work with that as I was eager to see where it could lead to. One of my first so called support-sites was a logical one by the name of “Share Your Travel Blog/Posts“. It will soon pass the threshold of 3000 members! Whoop!

How To: Build a Network Around your Website


I needed a place to post my travel blog posts and voila I created it. There are many upsides to having your own group and the main of course is that you can market your page through it.

A network created around your other page is usually about boosting the main page. Linking to it helps getting new readers to it and you can link back from your main page so that all of them keep growing.

If you are ready to put the work in you can start doing small things daily, before you know it you will find yourself with a nice set up if you do it correctly.

How To: Build a Network Around your Website


Thanks to an awesome team of moderators the group is managed even though it is a whole lot of work. That is just one example of how you can set up a new media to boost your main one.

The next step after creating the first group was to create “Share Your Travel Photos/Videos” which I can boost through the first group and this blog. At the same time that new group can boost the first group and this blog. Win-win-win.

The groups grow completely organically since the members engage by themselves and the only work needed is to manage it all.

By offering moderators the chance to get more viewers through the group by moderating it you can set up another win-win system.

Other ways of building networks to boost your main page is to build a forum of some sort, any kind of community basically can boost your other work.

So as you can see you can:

  1. Create your main page
  2. Create a support page
  3. Create another sub support page
  4. Boost them through each other
  5. Win!

All you have to think of is something related to your page, preferably something with a niche so that you can promote it and then use it to promote your other page later.

How To: Build a Network Around your Website

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! If it is done correctly. Expect to invest a lot of time and work in your support sites because they usually don´t get going by themselves. Once it is done you can step back and outsource the work but still gain rewards from your previous work.

If you get it done nicely you can keep harvesting your work for a long time to become.


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