How to: Create a Free Logo – Guide

Create a Free Logo

I am all about making money. I hate to spend money. Even more so I hate spending money on things that can be done for free! Do you feel the same way? Good. In that case this post is excellent for you because I will guide you and show you exactly how to create a free logo. Does it sound to good to be true? Well I dare you to finish this guide and see for yourself.

In this tutorial or guide I will be using the free services of to create a logo for my blog.

Step 1 – Register (for free)

Go to the webpage,, and sign up. It is completely free to sign up and you will not be charged anything for your membership. Once you have signed up you simply login. It takes about 10 seconds if you connect through other social media.

How to: Create a Free Logo - Guide how to

Step 2 – Choose your dimension

Dimension? What the f is that? The dimension is the size of your logo. I would say that 95% of all webpages use square profile photos. That means that your logo almost always will be for example 150 x 150, 250 x 250, 500 x 500 pixels and so on.

So let us find the logo sizes! Press “More” up in the right corner.How to: Create a Free Logo - Guide how to

After you clicked on “More” you simply scroll down on the page until you find the setting to create Logos. So far so good right? It is not difficult at all to create a free logo as you already can see.

If you can not find it you can press CTRL + F and write “logo”.(works on PC).How to: Create a Free Logo - Guide how to

Step 3 – Time to create

Great you found it! Now the fun part of the process begins! So you have arrived at the creation area! First it will be all blank and ready for you to get going.

How to: Create a Free Logo - Guide how to

On your left hand side you can see different ready made logos to choose from.

Once you click one of them it will appear in your creation area.How to: Create a Free Logo - Guide how to

This is how it will look once you click a logo. So far it is really simple right? Well this is as hard as it gets because all you really need to do from here is to edit the designs. Of course you can also make one from scratch but this way saves time and effort.

How to: Create a Free Logo - Guide how to

Basically I think this is all the help you need. From here it is pretty straight forward. Just click the different things in your creation area that you want to change.

Just as an example I will show you how to change the text. Simply click the item you want to edit.How to: Create a Free Logo - Guide how to

Once you press an item to edit the toolbar will appear. In the toolbar you can select the parameters to edit in your mission to create a free logo.How to: Create a Free Logo - Guide how to

Just for the sake of this guide lets say I want to change the color to yellow. At the same time I want to make the text smaller and also change the fond.

It is all done very easily through the toolbar. Also if you want to you can drag your element or item around to replace it simply by clicking it and dragging it to where it should be.

So with just a few clicks it is easy to edit your items and elements.

How to: Create a Free Logo - Guide how to

Just to show what you can do in a few minutes I decided to completely edit the logo. All I did was to change the colors, add a new item from the menu on the left and then rearranging it all a little. So that is a very easy way to create a free logo in just a few minutes.

And do not be afraid, you can make much, much more beautiful logos than this one! 🙂

How to: Create a Free Logo - Guide how to

That was that! Thank you for reading, I hope this guide helps you create a free Logo!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them! Also, did you make a logo? Well drop it with a link to your blog in the comments! 🙂

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Stay awesome!

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