How to: Get Paid To Travel – 4 Jobs

How to: Get Paid To Travel

After I finished writing my post about how to make money while traveling I received a request to cover this topic as well. It was fun to actually have someone ask me to write about something specific for once as I rarely write like that. So lets see what we can find when it comes to how one can get paid to travel.

Basically all you need to do is find a job that requires you to travel. Some could even argue that being a businessman at some company that sends you to remote places could be a good way to travel. I see that more as transporting as it usually involves tight schedules and sleeping in hotel rooms which does not leave much room for exploring although you do go to a great deal of different places.

So what are some jobs that actually let you get paid to travel? Lets see!

Air travel

Possible the easiest one to figure out. As a pilot for example you can get paid to fly yourself and others to foreign destinations. You may also stay in each place for a few days which lets you explore the location a little bit every time you stop there. Or why not work as flight attendant and serve the passengers some drinks and food while you get to travel at the same time? No doubt there is big competition about these kind of jobs, but if you get them you usually do not regret it.

Work on boats

It is possible to work on many different types of boats. All from luxury yachts to massive ships designed to carry tourists all over the world. If you find work one of these you can get paid a decent to good pay for traveling the world and helping out. Sounds pretty darn good to me!


A very common work for travelers and a very rewarding one at the same time! This must be one of the best ways to travel in my eyes. You get to become a part of the society and culture, you learn it so quickly and you can really get to know each and every place that you may stay in. You can jump from school to school if you like on different contracts with different lengths and thus travel across the world while getting paid to do so. Awesome!


Surprise! Of course I have to mention blogging but I will do it shortly.  If you want to read more on this subject do visit my page about Blogging.

Research for a book

It does not need to be a travel book even. If you are going to write about some place for some reason. Go there and explore it! You can always use the personal statement writer service, if needed. Get to really know it so that what you write is authentic and genuine. Imagine visiting the most amazing beaches in the world and writing about it at the same time, what a job to have!

There are 4 types of work that may help you to get paid to travel!

Stay awesome!

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