How to: Start Blogging

As I keep doing what I do, blogging, I meet more and more people that ask me how to start blogging. The answer is as simple as it is boring: Just start doing it. It may sound simplified but there really is no other way.

But do not misunderstand me when I say that. My point is simple, but the journey may not be. But you will never know unless you start trying.

So you want to start but you wonder “how to start blogging?” Well, just start. “But I don´t know how”. Congratulations you just found your first obstacle. Knowledge is everywhere and so easy to attain thanks to the internet. If not knowing how is stopping you then you never really wanted it.

So where do you start looking? My advice would be to get your own domain, one just like Sure you can get a free domain but it does not look as good and sooner or later you Will want to move to your own domain.

Just start by doing it right from the get go. Get your own domain. “But that costs money…” Yeah? Nothing is free. But this is an investment that can make you more money over time than you pay to get started. If you are serious about it then it will be worth it.

And please, stop comparing your blog to the influencers and bloggers that you already follow. They did not start out with websites like that, they most likely started out like you and I. With not so much knowledge but with a burning desire to learn.

How to start blogging: Just Start!

Blogging is not something that you learn or start in ten minutes. It takes time, and work. A lot of hard work. You will have to try so many different things and techniques to find what is best for just You and your style.

You have to find your style and your niche. Don´t worry if you haven´t already, you will find it sooner or later. This might sound like a cliche but the best you can do is to be yourself.

Let people get to know you and let them follow You on your journey. Build relationships and start networking, not only with other bloggers but more importantly with your readers! They are what makes and breaks you.

Are you a graphic designer already? No? No problem. There are tons of places on the internet where you can find free to use high quality material and photo editors like and

In a year or two, you might answer that question differently as you will be learning so much along the way.

If you get a good tip or really good idea, write it down! Make a knowledge bank and save your thoughts and ideas. It can be really amazing! A year or two from now you might go back to an old thought and be like “Hey, that is genius!”.

So get going! Start learning! Accept that there is a learning curve and get going if you really want it! Anyone can do it, anyone can share any interesting, people are interested in so many different things that there is no doubt about it, someone or some people will find what You write interesting.

Find them on social media, connect with them and start doing your thing! Just get going!

Thanks for reading “How to start Blogging” ! Save Travels and Stay Awesome!


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