How to: Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest

A little over a month ago I was reading in a group about blogging on Facebook. Someone had written a post about Pinterest and even more so about what a useful tool it can be to increase blog traffic. I decided to try it out for myself for reals, I tried it before but never really gave it a go. This post is the result of 30 days of me trying to increase blog traffic with Pinterest.

Activity is key, as usual, and it is easy to give up after a week of no visitors. However, if you keep going the rewards can be huge.

The person who wrote the blog post which inspired me to try Pinterest out again said that about 80% of her traffic originated from Pinterest.

So far I have not gotten very much blog traffic with Pinterest, but it looks promising as you see later in the post, altough I have started to grow my profile a whole lot.

In other aspects it is also already looking promising so if I keep this up it wont be long until I see a lot of traffic to my blog. And that is super fun! Especially considering how tedious it can be to pin new pins continuously.

How to do it

Just as with any social media it is all about interacting. Interact as much as you can and start following other boards. That gets you noticed and soon you will start to get follow backs.

Always keep pinning and keep making new boards. Be innovative and stick to your niche as much as possible.

Reach out to people in the same niche as you and try to join collaborative boards, boards with many editors. This is one of the best ways to increase blog traffic with Pinterest.

Remember to pin your own posts in your and other boards if it is suitable to be pinned there. Do not spam.

Use their extension to whichever browser you are using it. This will save you so much time when using it and use it you shall because it makes it so much easier to find new material when browsing online.

Results after 30 days

Here are some of my results from trying get traffic from Pinterest for more or less 30 days.

How to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest

How to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest

The daily impressions shown on the first image are more volatile but shows promise and as you can see on the last image the number of monthly viewers is steadily increasing. This leads me to believing that if I keep this up with more or less the same activity my traffic will grow rapidly.

So I am very thankful that someone told me about Pinterest and I am happy that I actually gave it a go! Now it is my time to repay that gift by telling you to that you most certainly can increase blog traffic with Pinterest.

As for actual blog traffic it has been slower and more difficult but as you can see on the image below it is about to pop off.

How to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest

Whats next?

I will continue to use Pinterest in order to grow my blog and other pages. The nice thing of sticking to your niche even when creating new pages is that you make your own little network. But I will write more about that later. Thank you for reading!

That was my result after 30 days of trying to increase blog traffic with Pinterest!

Are you using Pinterest? Feel free to connect: StefTravels on Pinterest


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