Can I make money from blogging?

Is it possible to make money from blogging?

A lot of people are asking if it is possible to make money from blogging? Yes it is, you can actually make a lot of money from it if you do it right. However it is not very easy as the competition is tough but yes it is possible.

It will most likely take a long time before you see any revenue coming in. Yet once it does it really gives you a kick to keep going. If writing is a passion of yours then I say go for it and do not focus on the money. If you do a good enough blog the money will come by itself.


There are lots of ways to monetize your blog to make money from blogging. The most usual one is to have advertisement showing on the blog, as I have on some places. Depending on the type of deal you have you can get paid by clicks, leads to sales and some other ways.

All you really need to do is start blogging and connect with some affiliate company, for example affiliaXe. Then you can show ads from their partners and get paid for doing so. Or you can just use Google AdSense to get ads for your webpage.

You can also get paid to write sponsored content such as blog posts about a business. This usually pays rather well once you get the hang of it.

The best way however is to make your own product or service and then market it through your own blog. That way it is personal and you get the biggest piece of the cake. Maybe you could even write a eBook?

Get going

Do not be afraid to try! Just give it a go and see what happens. Currently I have three different webpages. Two about traveling and one about investing and finances. The later one is making some money already even though it started in July.

I recently hit a total of 1 000 euros for that page, and this is just through one of the affiliate companies I work with.

make money from blogging

So yes it is possible but you have to do it correctly. If you try to monetize too much the blog will lose its feeling and so its readers and therefore also the income. So be careful but do not be afraid to try it out! Good luck!


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