11 Awesome Travel Photos with comments

Connecting people through awesome travel photos

A great and fun thing about blogging is how easy it is to network and interact with other people of similar mindsets. Social media makes it super easy to connect and the rest just happens when creativity sparks. So no there is no lack of awesome travel photos to find!

A while ago I created a group on Facebook for sharing ones travel blog or posts and it recently reached 1k members so now it is time to reap the fruits and use it to create even better posts! I thought a lot about it and it seems as if a post about awesome travel photos or any awesome travel related things actually would do good!

So with no further  ado I am honored to present you the first collaboration of the FB-group “Share Your Travel Blog/Posts“:

11 Awesome Travel Photos with comments

1. “Taken in Porto during my first solo trip ever”

awesome travel photo

Someone said once that sunsets are the reminder that no matter how bad things go, everything can end beautifully. This sunset picture was taken in Porto during my first solo trip ever and, if I look back, I think it can describe pretty well everything that brought me to decide to travel solo, the anxiety and excitement I felt before the trip and how I was magically healed and loving the experience by the end of my first day.

By: Where is Nuria?

2. “only a fraction would continue on deep down”


Easter island is one of the most remote places on earth. Amongst all of those lucky travelers ever set foot on Easter Island, only a fraction would continue on deep down the ocean to meet this guy, the only Moai that is located in the deep blue.

By: thertwguys

3. “A great stop during the road trip”


Hutt Lagoon in September 2016, a 14km long and 2,3km wide pink lake near Port Gregory in Western Australia. 450km north of Perth City and close to the ocean. A great stop during the road trip. The lake is pink all the time in different variation during the year.

From: revealingphotographers

4. “it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a good time”

The Jerny

Calaguas Island – The aquamarine waters of Calaguas are undeniably crystal clear so it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a good time snorkeling, swimming, and taking your underwater videos. And no other background for your selfies will be as Instagram-worthy as the majestic beach of Mahabang Buhangin, a long stretch of powdery white sand. It has won the Battle of the Sands in 2015.

From: The Jerny

5. “I found the very reason why I flew to Maldives”


My line of sight traced the horizon that was darkened with the depth of the ocean. I follow the trough and crest of a wave, leading me back ashore. I watch how the colours of blue turn light, and then turquoise in colour. As the waves wash ashore, they turn into baby foams that dot the beach, just so ephemerally.

This constant ebb and flow of the turquoise waves is hypnotising. I found the very reason why I flew to Maldives for. To witness the beautiful shades of blue, to feel the burn of the sun’s rays on my back.

From: Bel Around The World

6.  “you have to take a boat to get to the village”


Hallstatt, Austria. Going there by train can be tricky. The train leaves you in the middle of nowhere and then you have to take a boat to get to the village. This is the place where you have to wait for the boat. Make sure you have cash with you (I’ve learnt that the hard way). The landscapes are amazing.

From: juliasomething

7. “and epitomize the lush Indonesian jungle setting”


The famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Bali are some of the finest in Ubud, and epitomize the lush Indonesian jungle setting admired around the world. For a truly spectacular experience, head to the terraces bright and early before the crowds show up!

From: TelevisionofNomads

8. “One of the most truly unique natural wonders in the world”

awesome travel photo

One of the most truly unique natural wonders in the world you’ll ever experience is visiting an ice cave. This photo was taken during our ice cave tour in the Vatnajokull Glacier in Iceland. The ice is amazingly clear that you can’t see the air bubbles trapped in the ice. The wavy blue texture is simply mesmerizing, almost looking like frozen blue fire.

From: lingerabroad

9. “The weather was perfect, the water was cooling”


It a very beautiful time in Thailand. This beach is not far from Hua Hin. We got to it by hitchhiking after we had climbed a mountain behind a temple. Then we ventured along the path through the jungle and we found ourselves in another incredible temple. This day was full of positivity and good solar energy ☺️

Photo actually taken by me(StefTravels) for my friend at: Tatsianablog

10.  “in the language of the aborigines “The place for fishes””


This photo was taken during the Cuba Adventure Culture Tour, Villa Guajimico, located in the province of Cienfuegos, Cuba. An incredible place.
Guajimico means in the language of the aborigines “The place for fishes” and it describes one of its main attractions: the sub-marine fauna that surpasses the expectations of the most prolific imagination of diving and nature lovers.

From: CubaExplorer2015

11. “really an amazing experience”


Travelling to Easter Island is really an amazing experience. It’s remote. It’s mystical. And driving around the Island gave us the ultimate feeling of freedom!

From: businesstraveller-and-wife

That was it folks! These 11 Awesome Travel Photos were just the start and soon there will be bigger and better collaborations taking place. Thank you for reading, please do like/share if you enjoyed the post.

Thank you and safe travels!

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