8 Random facts about Sweden

What do you know about Sweden? I would assume not all too much which makes this a perfect opportunity to learn something new! Not only is Sweden very cold at times but it is also surprisingly large. Especially when you consider that only 10 million people live there. But more about that later. 

I personally love reading random and quirky facts about countries so I thought that I’d try to make up my own list about Sweden. Hopefully you did not know all of these random facts already from before but lets see shall we. Here’s 8 random facts about Sweden!

Christmas + Goat + Arson

If you’ve only see the news about this very quickly it might look like some odd sacrifice to some older Norse gods like Odin, Tor etc. Don´t worry, it is not. But then again if it was maybe I would not be allowed to tell you? Either way. This massive work that is re-built nearly every year is often burnt to the ground. Why?

We really dont know. I assume that it is just being done for “the lols”, for the fun of it so to say. Most years it is raised at the beginning of Advent to celebrate the start of Christmas. Burning it down somehow became one of the weirdest Christmas traditions in the world and nowadays it is kind of a sport to guess how long the goat can survive.

With that said the people burning it down also seem to have some time record because they often do it as soon as possible. Last year it was burnt down to the ground on the same day as it was presented. Different years people use different things to burn it but I heard that napalm is very effective. An intense start for the random facts about Sweden!

Here is a video of it happening in 2012:

We Bicycle everywhere anytime

Oh yes, our bikes! So we can use no fuel and get exercise while traveling at a decent speed? Effective and awesome. We just cant stop using them. It does not matter one little bit if it is a sunny day or a blizzard. We take the bike either way and we do it with a smile on our faces. Well, sometimes.

Getting to work in -20 degrees is no fun. Now imagine being on a bike and the wind is so cold that your eyes tear up and your tears freeze causing your eyelids to get stuck. Lovely right? But we don´t care, because soon we arrive at our destination and hopefully they have fika! But all jokes aside, many of us do use your bikes frequently and many of our cities are designed to utilize the bikes very well. We are also pretty good at wearing bicycle helmets.

8 Random facts about Sweden

5th biggest country in Europe

The population in Sweden does not really match the size of the land. It just recently surpassed the 10 million mark! So 10 million people live there but how big is the country? Well the land mass sums up to somewhere around a total of450,295 km2.

Norway is on sixth place and only Russia, Ukraine, France and Spain are bigger than Sweden. It does not really look like it on a map though. It looks like something completely different when you combine it with Norway and Finland. But you will have to look that one up for yourself, after you finish reading these random facts about Sweden of course. 😉

8 Random facts about Sweden

We have days for everything

Maybe living in the cold and dark place that Sweden turns into in winter requires a lot of celebrations. Maybe we are just borderline alcoholics with many excuses to open a beer. Whatever the reason we love to celebrate things so we have days for most occasions. Many days are related to things we eat during our fika time. Fika kind of has to be mentioned when making a list of random facts about Sweden.

A typical Swedish celebration consists of having a lovely time with family and friends in the daytime and then going completely mayhem in nighttime. So kind of like Batman but with beer instead of super powers. Two of these are Shrove Tuesday and Feast of the Annunciation, both of which you can find links to in the bottom of this post.

8 Random facts about Sweden

Red lights are God

8 Random facts about Sweden

Sometimes I believe that some Swedish people think that God has left Earth but that he still watch them through the red lights along roads. No other car? No people around? Red light? Yep we will wait many minutes before even taking into consideration the possibility of… BREAKING THE LAW and crossing even though it is red. Oh noes. What if Santa finds out? Even while walking we obey them without a doubt, most times. Walking home from the bar they can go screw themselves.

Of course it is just a good thing because it is safe to wait for the light to turn green. We get this drilled into us from early stages of school. And guess what, Sweden has one of the safest traffics to drive in on Earth. Better safe than sorry!

You cant drink at home but in a bar

So lets talk alcohol again. Something that often seems peculiar is that in Sweden you are allowed to drink in bars when you turn 18 years old. You are considered an adult and you can also get your drivers license at that age. But can you buy a strong beer and bring it home? Hell no. You can not handle that until you are 20, apparently.

Swedish laws does not really make sense on this matter and would not shock me if it is changed in a not to distant future. Actually the alcoholic regulations in Sweden have failed miserably and nothing seems to be done about it. Many start drinking at ages as young as 12 or even younger. You can easily buy alcohol through a friend, a sibling, a friends friend or some smuggler.

So for two years you can go to a bar and get shit faced but you can not legally buy a beer to bring it home and drink it in your home. Sounds like something Borat would make up!

This is one area where Sweden really can improve a lot! Other areas where Sweden has big problems are teen pregnancies and rapes. Taking alcohol out of the mix could possibly have a positive effect on those areas as well. Some serious talk amidst these random facts about Sweden.

8 Random facts about Sweden

Fika is holy

This is a serious thing in Sweden. We have laws regarding our rights to fika. So what is this mysterious happening?  But fika is more or less when we get together and eat something tasty usually while drinking coffee or tea. Maybe it is the secret antidote to survive in winter?

To me it is more or less a glorified coffee break. I will probably get shot for writing that. But honestly we love to get together with some tasty treats and just socialize. Who wouldn´t? Good friends and sugar, whoop!

Enjoy this song about the Swedish fika:

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