Bucket List – Write one today

Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of things that you want to and plan to do before your time on this planet is up. You can put anything on that list, no matter how small or big it is. I think that it is a great way to track ones dreams or goals so why not make your own bucket list right now? Write down ten things that you really want to do and then do them one after one.

Now you might be sitting there thinking that you do not have any ideas or that you can not think of anything right away, lucky for you there are many, many different websites that have focused on this.

Some sites have over 3 million suggestions and they make it easy to track yours and others progress in completing their bucket list. So give it a shot, I bet that it will be a very fun thing to do and I will make one myself right away.

Bucket list
From my visit to the Grand Central Palace in Bangkok.



Starting the bucket list

So lets see, ten things to do…

  1. Bungee jump into water
  2. Visit every continent
  3. See lions in the wild
  4. Swim with dolphins in the wild
  5. Partake of the Holi festival in India
  6. Go on a road trip across the U.S.A
  7. Eat sushi in Japan
  8. Work abroad
  9. Rescue at least one dog from a shelter
  10. Live in the wild

That actually took me longer than I thought that it would but now I have a bucket list! Did you write yours? Post it in the comments or ask for ideas if you find yourself having a bit of trouble of completing the list. Also remember that ten points is just a start, make that list as big as you possibly can and experience it all, you will not regret it!

Bucket list
And here I am tubing in a cave outside of Vang Vieng in Laos.


Good luck on your bucket list!

Bucket list


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