Cheap or Free Accommodation

Cheap or Free Accommodation

While traveling on a budget as I tend to do I always look for ways to save money. Which means that finding cheap or free accommodation while traveling can be a real saver. The best part is that it is not as difficult as one could think that it would be. Here is a list of ways or places to stay cheaply or for free on your travels.

Cheap or free accommodation

Make camp outside

In most cases all you need is a tent and you are set for a night of free accommodation almost anywhere. Just look for a relatively empty yet safe spot and you are ready to go. Beaches are often chosen as a location to put a tent up. If you do not have a tent and it is not raining season, try just bringing a sleeping bag and a mosquito net.

If that is not an option, maybe it is time to try sleeping in a tree?

Reside in a temple

I never did try it myself but I met tons of travelers who did and they all said that the monks kindly invited them to stay for a night or two. So give it a shot if you are out there, I know I will try it next time.

Sleep at the station

Train stations, bus stations, airports, there are many places where you usually can get some sleep without being disturbed all too much. Of course this depends a lot on where you are and on who you meet but it should be fine.


By far the best way to travel according to me. You can travel on a tight budget and you meet the most amazing people as well as get the really good inside tips on where to go and what to do. I highly recommend this to anyone, it is free to sign up and to partake in the community. Easily the best option to find cheap or free accommodation.

Link to Couchsurfing


AirBnb is like a mix out of couchsurfing and hotels, basically you stay with locals that open up their homes to you for a relatively small fee, sometimes it is expensive though. However, if you are in an emergency just open AirBnb and see if anyone is close to you.

Read more here: AirBnb (They currently give you 30$ credit for just signing up and you can save the credit for later, so sign up for free to secure it)

Ask A Stranger

If you meet someone and you get along nicely with them, why not just throw the question out there? Even if they cannot host you they might know of a friend with a sofa that you can sleep on, it is worth a shot.

Night rides

Long bus or train rides usually have a sleeper option. Grab that one even though it may cost you more because in the end you will still save money on not having to pay for a room that night.

All-Night Diners

Get in there, eat your food and sleep for as long as possible. If the staff is nice they might let you get a good night sleep.


AddNature – Best Western – BlueBox – Booking


Cheap or free accommodation

Also remember

Going without sleeping good for a few nights will probably wear you out rather quickly so make sure that you have a lot of nutrition and that you eat a lot to keep your energy.

Also remember to exercise to stay alert and awake. Once you get your chance to sleep, take it. Sure there are lots of things to do but getting good sleep is very important.

Did I miss something? Do you have any story related to this topic? Leave a comment!

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AddNature – Best Western – BlueBox – Booking



  1. Good list. I’ve personally done all of the above! Couchsurfing and pitching tent outside, especially in the Scandinavian countries was something I did often in Europe. Not on your list, but I slept in the car quite often as well 🙂

    1. Thank you, Adonis! Ah that sounds nice 🙂 Haha I cant believe I forgot about the car, oh well I will add it next time! 🙂 Safe travels!

  2. Unfortunately sleeping in airports/stations is something I’m all too familiar with! I’ve definitely also couchsurfed and pitched tents, though I’m not sure I’d actually ask a stranger to host me unless they offered first….Would be a great experience to stay overnight in a temple though!

    1. Hehe yeah that might be a bit dodgy but if you get a good feeling from a person it might work out. 🙂 Yeah temples are amazing and the monks are so.. chill. 🙂

  3. Some great suggestions, but not something I think I would be willing to try myself – unfortunately. The asking the monks thing doesn’t sound so bad but I couldn’t imagine pitching a tent (not that I have ever owned one!) and couch surfing just doesn’t appeal – but good on anyone who can travel like this!

    1. Oh but that is why you Should try it! Especially couchsurfing is way safer than you might think, everyone has reviews from other travelers. 🙂

  4. Haha – thanks for mentioning at the end that pursuing a strategy of sleeping in places that won’t give you a good night’s sleep probably isn’t recommended for many days in a row! But it’s always great to understand the options out there for when you’re in a pinch!

  5. Housesitting is also a great option! My husband and I have been living the last 4 months rent free in Costa Rica, housesitting a very nice house. There are housesitting websites you can join to find opportunities like ours. Happy travels!

    1. Oh yes you are completely right! I forgot all about that, thank you for pointing it out I will add it in the next post about accommodation! 🙂

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