10 Meals From Around the world

Last it was  travel bloggers who shared their beautiful photos and this time they are sharing their meals! This is a list of 10 travel bloggers sharing something remarkable or delicious they have eaten during their journeys across the globe.

Bon appetit!


1. Indian meals in Iceland

meals around the world

“The northernmost Indian restaurant in the world is both chic and authentic. I’ve eaten Indian food everywhere (except India, for shame!) from New York to Tokyo and Austur Indiafelagio satisfied my constant craving. ”

By: GlobalGirlTravels

2. Grub worms for breakfast

grub worms

“In Peru I had Suri, Amazonian grub worms for breakfast as we were leaving for a day excursion in the Amazon. It was much better than I had expected-freshly grilled and crunchy on the outside. The guide wanted me to try one live, but that’s where I drew the line. Find more about the exotic ingredients you can try in the Peruvian Amazon here.”

By: ProjectDinnerParty

3. Stew in Iran!

meals around the world

“In Iran I tried a stew called fesendjoon. Persian cuisine was a delicious surprise in general, but this dish really stood out for me. I know it doesn’t look particularly nice in the picture, but it is by far my favourite food of Iran. It’s a stew with chicken, walnuts and pomegranate syrup. Slightly sweet with a sour tanginess to it as well. Since I came home I have been craving to eat fesendjoon again. I tried to make it at home and I managed to make a decent version of it, but it is still not the same as a homemade fesendjoon in Iran.”

By: BackPackAdventures

4. Cheese omelette in Goa

meals around the world

“The cheese omelette served on my Goa trip made my trip even more memorable not only for my mind but tongue too.The taste was so lip smacking with a burst of cheese.. Simply Unforgettable.”

By: MohitArts @ Instagram

5. Samosas in Mauritius

Meals from around the world

“What is Mauritius without the samosas, the golden-brown fried triangles stuffed with savoury filling? I couldn’t get enough of them, especially accompanied by a glass of cold beer in the late afternoon and dipped into a chilly sauce.”

By: IpanemaTravels

6. A cheesy meal in Portugal

cheesy meal

“While visiting Faro, Portugal, we stopped in a little Tapas Bar that served this delicious mountain cheese from the backland of Algarve. Served with fresh herbs, olive oil and garlic, it was the perfect paring with a glass of wine.”

By: FourOnAWorldTrip

7. Eaten at Bergen Food Festival in Norway


“This is the Norwegian goat cheese. I sampled it at Bergen Food Festival/Bergen Matfestival. It seemed to me that this cheese had the taste of chocolate, so I really liked it!”

By: PutevBlogScandi @ Facebook

8. The amazing hot pot

meal hot pot

“The most remarkable food to eat is actually something I eat quite often. The concept of hot pot is simple: you set a pot of simmering broth on a portable burner in the middle of the table to cook an array of thinly sliced meats and fresh veggies — what makes it unique is that all your food is fresh and piping hot as you cook it at your own pace; but the winner is that it brings people together. It’s about sharing, cooking and eating good food together.”

By: WanderfulTraveler

9. Breakfast meals in Costa Rica

meals from around the world

“A traditional breakfast in Costa Rica is a full meal. Rice, beans, egg, banana, and – best of all – fried cheese! There is no better way to start your day than with a warm, gooey slice of calories to give you energy for all your adventures.”

By: TheRainbowRoute

10. Metropolitan breakfast

meals around the world

“Living in a large metropolitan city offers us tone of breakfast options. Our favorite is farm fresh eggs, roasted red potatoes, fluffy pancakes, and biscuits with gravy. Of course, a hot cup of coffee is required to make it complete.”

By: OurChangingLives


That was it! Please pay a visit to the bloggers that decided to come together to share their meals with you all. Thank you all for participating and for reading.

Safe travels!

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