15 Beaches I could live on

I love beaches and I hope that I will live very close to one day in a not so distant future. In the mean time I can always daydream about being on one. I have found some pretty amazing beaches and I also put a visit to most them on my bucket list. Not only that but I even made a list of them to inspire you with you some magical destinations to visit. The list is not in any particular order and honestly there is one missing. The best beach of all, the one with no name that is not overrun by tourists yet, those are my favorites. The hideaways.

However I bet that it is different to find them if they do not have a name yet so this list will consist of more famous beaches. I have only been to one of the ones on the list and it was even better than any photo that I have seen from there which gives me hope that some of the other ones may have the same feeling to it. I sure do hope so. So here is to you beach lovers and day dreamers; 15 Beaches I could live on:
(Tbh I think that I could live on most beaches. ^^)

7 Mile Beach

Negril, Jamaica

Playa Paraiso

Cayo Largo, Cuba

Baia do Sancho

Pernambuco, Brazil

Maya Bay

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

I have been here and it was awesome!

Sun Island Beach


 Whitehaven Beach

Queensland, Australia

 Manu Bay

Raglan, New Zealand


Champagne Beach


Sunset Beach

Oahu, Hawaii

Pansy Island

Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique


The Baths

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands



Bora Bora

Boqueron Beach

Puerto Rico


Aw now I really want to go to the beach…


Did you find a favorite beach or new destination? Leave a comment and let us know.

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