What is AirBnb?

Nowadays most people tend to know what AirBnb is but I remember a few years back when if I ever brought it up people would just look confused and ask what it is. They have grown a lot in the past years and for a good reason because it really opens up the world to travelers.

Even if you just travel domesticly it is still a great app to use in order to save some cash on accomodation and how great is it not that it enables you to very easily and safely rent out a room or even your whole house for a period of time? It is great and it really connects people.

Reasons to use AirBnb

  • It is easy
  • It is cheap
  • You meet amazing people
  • It is safe
  • High standards
  • Everyone can use it
  • You can find hosts almost anywhere
  • You can earn money by using it
  • You can travel for a longer timer while paying less
  • You can get good ideas and hints on where to go from the people that you are staying with

These are just a few of the many reasons to why one would use AirBnb instead of some overpriced hotel with snotty workers. If you have not tried it yet or even signed up, do it today! It is free to join.

Joining right now means that you also get a 30$ credit on your first stay with AirBnb. Which means that you can sign up and basically stay one night for free almost anywhere in the world. After doing so you can keep using it to find cheap accommodation and if you, just like me, prefer to meet local people rather than staff then this is a great service to use.

I have been a member of the community for a long time now and it has been amazing to see it grow as much as it has in such a short time and I expect it to get even bigger and better as the time goes on.

You can even sign up now just to save your bonus for later.


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