Being a tourist in your own country

I spent a few days of this week in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, to celebrate my birthday. I basically never go to visit Stockholm so once I go there I am pretty lost. Feeling that lost in my own country was interesting and it reminded me of how bad I am of traveling my own country.

Not knowing where to go or how to get there once you figure out where to go is a fun challenge. Also in Stockholm it is not so difficult since the local transportation system is good.

This visit the goal was to see Gröna Lund which is an amusement park in Stockholm nicely placed by the river. There were quiet a lot of people there even for a Thursday but it did not affect or stop us from having a lot of fun.

They have some awesome roller coasters and the adrenaline was flowing as it should after a few rides. Going back I was thinking a lot about how little I have actually traveled in my own country.

Most of you are probably familiar with the northern lights, the aurora, and I am almost ashamed to say that even though I live here, I have never seen it. So that is one thing more for the bucket list.

More so than that there are a lot of national parks that I would love to visit. There’s also some very beautiful old churches that are worth a visit due to the magnificent architecture at display.

So why don’t we travel our own counties? Is it because it is not exiting enough? Is it because if you are going traveling you might as well go to somewhere completely new? Or maybe it is just simply because of that we do not consider it to be an option? It is probably a mix of it all but it is interesting.

Visiting Stockholm this time left me wanting to see more so there will most likely be another visit or two to our capital within in the near future. Not only that, there is more to see as mentioned above and it would be a shame to not see it.

So I will have to make up some kind of itinerary for my own country and actually go to see the things that are relatively close by. The aurora more than anything else is something that I really would like to see so I maybe it is time to do so soon.

For now it will have to wait as the sight is set on Thailand for this winter but after that, who knows!?

Have you traveled your own country a lot or are you just as bad as me when it comes to seeing the local sights?

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