Blogging on the go

Blogging on the go – How, why, who

From time to time people wonder and ask about how it is to be “blogging on the go”.  So I decided to write this post to answer a few questions about it. Traveling in Asia the last winter it was fairly easy to do so. There are lots of places with WiFi.

Not only that but it also matches my style of traveling perfectly to be blogging. What else could give me such great excuses to just do nothing for a day to work on the blog? Having introvert attributes and being busy with blogging on the go actually gave me much well needed rest. So for me it is something of a win-win.

Blogging on the go

What do I need to be blogging on the go?

Nothing much really! You can easily do it from a phone but I do prefer to use my laptop. Combine that with WiFi and you are set to start blogging. For a long time I have been using my DSLR Canon EOS 1200D for taking photos. But since I bought my Huawei Honor 8 and a GoPro Hero Silver 4 I no longer need it and I will sell it to cut down on my packing. So a phone is a very, very powerful tool if you use it as such.

You can even do it without a personal phone or a computer. If you can find computers to borrow then you can simply update it from there.

Some awesome apps/tools to use while traveling:

  • A program for photo editing, for example Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom etc.
  • Hootsuite – Schedule social media posts for later.
  • IFTTT – If This Then That enables you to post one post to several social medias at the same time. A massive time saver.
  • Notepad – I use this the most. If I see something or think of something that I can blog about later I write it down immediately.

blogging on the go

Does it cost anything?

Well sure it does for me, but it does not have to. I pay for my webpage being hosted on a web hotel and for the domain name.  But you do not need to pay for that, there are plenty of free options out there. However I do find that they always add to much advertising so I prefer to do it on my own. Learning WordPress is super easy and I recommend it to everyone thinking of starting a blog.

Why am I blogging on the go?

Like many others I thought that it would make me rich and famous. Many months later I can easily say that I will most likely never make any money from my travel blog. But it is just so much fun that I just want to continue anyway. I love writing so this is perfect because any books I attempt to write just end up a complete mess.

Not only that but being able to give advice which help others enjoy their trip and to inspire others to travel is just amazingly fun. So I will keep doing this just for fun and hopefully this will shine through in the posts.

blogging on the go

Can anyone do it?

Yes! If you are thinking of doing it then just start right now! Do not wait anymore. It does not matter if you do not understand much of it from the beginning. The more you work with it and try it out the better you become. So just start typing! If you are shy and nervous then you can do it stealthy at first.

That´s what I did with my first blogs. I only showed them to other people online but never to friends and family. Hah, I guess I was afraid of being criticized but once I saw the blogs were getting some good feedback I shared them. That process took almost a whole year and afterwards I felt silly for not just posting them immediately. Oh well.

So just get started, start small if you want but start somewhere!


Anyone can do it. Everyone should do it if they want. To started you really just need to get started. So start blogging on the go if you are curious about it because most likely you will not regret it!

If you need a place to share your travel blog in order to get new readers you can join this group on Facebook: Share your travel blog/posts

Best of luck!

blogging on the go
Blogging from my home on Gran Canaria.

Safe travels!


  1. I like the way You mention that you thought you could make money on blogging. Which is true that we never could. But is indeed very fun.

    For me why I write about my travels, is to share to others and give them ideas what to expect.
    I even don’t know how I poeperly set up everything. My words are not well composed. I just go for it!

    It’s the sharing that makes us happy I Guess.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. 🙂 Yes precisely I do relate very much to what you wrote, I guess our motto is “shared fun is twice the fun”! 🙂 Awesome blog btw!

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