Facebook is killing my business

I know that you can not hear it but I am typing this in anger, almost smacking the keyboard instead of pressing the buttons. Why? You might ask. Because Facebook has the worst anti-spam system that I have ever encountered and it is killing my business.

This is now the fourth time in less than a few months that I get this annoying message. This horrible idiotic message that is killing my business and what´s the most stupid part is that Facebook is stopping me from making people use their own platform.

blocked facebook

They are literally shooting themselves in the foot when their worthless piece of shit system automatically blocks me.

So why did I receive this block AGAIN? Let me tell you. Because I manage about 10-20 groups on Facebook and I have several blogs. The posts from those blogs I share in the groups that I HAVE CREATED and manage.

Those groups are growing day by day and people are using them on Facebooks own social media. But when I can not share or post to the groups anymore, I can´t work. Facebook is hitting two birds with one stone while slapping themselves and me in the face, some multitasking.

It is a wonder how this company that got so big can not make a better system than this. And what´s worse is that every time this happens I write a nicely worded text explaining what the problem is. But what do I get back? No reply at all.

Only some automatic message saying “we have a lot to do so we can not read all messages”. Is that customer service? Now that is Grade A stupidity. I am baffled at how stupid this system is as it hinders me from making people use their own system.

I have used extra accounts before just to be able to share my content, but they eventually get locked down.

YOU ARE SO VERY WELCOME FOR ALL THE CONTENT FACEBOOK. If anyone knows another social media that I can try out, please comment below because I AM SICK AND TIRED of this stupidity from Facebook.

Please share this post and MAYBE, just maybe they might do something about it if they actually give a flying f about their users.


  1. HI, I am wondering if you ever had this resolved for you. I am sorry this happened to you, I know of similar circumstances by other American small business owners. It is a shame that Facebook has let us all down in this way.

    1. Hi Heidi, I did not but nowadays I receive a different sort of ban. I only get banned from groups I don’t manage myself and it works fine for me.

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