How do you travel alone?

How do you travel alone?

“How do you travel alone?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions from people interested in going traveling. Well the reason you ask that question is one of the reasons I went traveling in the first place. Because I wanted to be able to do just that.

Speaking to someone unknown? Hell no that is scary. Yeah it might be if you are in your comfort zone and you have all of your routines. Ugh. I used to thrive in my comfort zone but it eventually got to small. Or I got to big for it. Either way I realized that I was living in a bubble. And what better way to leave that bubble than to pack a backpack and head off to the other side of the world?

how do you travel alone

Are you really alone though?

Not really. The world is filled with people and I assure you that wherever you may go people are already there. Asides from some places of course. And so many others are already traveling by themselves. Often you will meet someone in the same situation as you if you go to some moderately known place.

The point I am trying to make is that you always meet other people. Sure you might be transporting alone if you do not find anyone to speak with on a plane or a bus or whatever. But you are rarely alone alone. Unless you choose to be of course.’

how do you travel alone

Speak to people

Speaking to unfamiliar people is like 95% of traveling. It is awesome! Often the people you least expect will share something totally mind blowing. People have done and seen so much! The things we can learn from each other, it is just amazing.

So do as Socrates. Go speak to people, whomever whenever. See what you may learn. And if any of them ask you “How do you travel alone?” you know that you are meeting a version of your older self.

Sure it might be scary at first but it gets easier and easier. You just have to get started.

how do you travel alone

Just do it

Do not let the fear of speaking to people stop you from traveling. Really the second you set foot on that airplane you change and if it has not by then trust me it will once you need to use a bathroom or eat food. It is just that easy! So stop asking how to do it and go do it! 🙂

I honestly believe that traveling is a cure for anxiety. Not only because you can rebuild yourself and be someone knew without anyone only seeing your old you. But also because if you do not speak up and ask someone how much the food on the menu costs. If not then sooner or later you will starve to death. The human mind just is to great to die from starvation caused by shyness.

Now do not get me wrong you might get lonely sometimes. But what the heck, you can call people and you have photos. You get through it.

Plus it is perfect because so what if you make a fool of yourself? The next day you are on your way again and you meet new amazing and kind people.

how do you travel alone

If you dream it: Do it.

Safe travels!

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