Juggling Three Blogs

As some of you already know I am running and working on three websites at the moment, including this one. The two other pages are in Swedish and one of them is about traveling and the other one about savings, investments and finances.

Running three different webpages is challenging but also very fun! However I do think that I might need to change it up a little in order to optimize it. I am actually thinking of discontinuing this blog for a while or forever and simply stick to blogging in Swedish.

Somehow it makes more sense to blog in Swedish and to keep all my pages in the same language, but on the other hand the point of this blog was to connect with other travelers and to stay in touch with the people I meet on the road.

So it is a tricky thing to decide. Maybe I just put one of the blogs as inactive for a while but that just feels like.. I dunno, it feels wrong somehow. It is tricky!

Virtual assistans

I think that what I could do and really should do is to keep working hard on all of the blogs, see them become a bit more successful and then maybe try to cash out on one of them. Either that or I stick with all of them and just get some virtual assistans to help me out. They can really take a lot of weight off of your back.

But they cost money and currently I am very low on money so that is a slight problem. In the future however, I am sure that I will rely a lot on virtual assistants. If you do not know what a virtual assistant is then stay tuned because I will write a post about it shortly.

Juggling Three Blogs

One more?!

The thing is that I have been thinking a lot of having a blog about me where I can share my success, inspire others and teach people about blogging. And I think it should be in Swedish because it kind of makes more sense.

So maybe I scrap this blog or only write on it when I am actually traveling. Either that or I scrap this one and combine it with a new personal blog somehow. As this one already has the name StefTravels it might be odd if I turn it into a personal blog. Who knows. I will think about it and let you know!

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