Just enjoying the Swedish summer

Whoops I just realized that the days are flying by and I have not posted for a while. I have the best excuse ever! I have been enjoying the nice weather that the Swedish summer offers at times.

This weekend I attended a festival that my friends created and it was nothing but magical. It really goes to show that motivated people can do nearly anything and I am so grateful to have friends like them.

enjoying the Swedish summerOther than that there as been a lot of grilling in beautiful scenery. Sitting with good friends around a campfire in the dark night is so cozy and not only does it help to keep mosquitoes away but it is also a great way to cook tasty food.

Compared to other countries that I have visited Sweden has an abundance of open spots for the public with everything you need to enjoy your stay outside.

All you really need to do is buy some food or whatever and head out to one of the many, many spots with a grill, cover from the wind and free to use firewood.

Going on these trips really makes me appreciate what Sweden has to offer. So if you ever happen to pass by Sweden make sure you take the opportunity to enjoy the nice weather, awesome company and good food while grilling in the countryside.

enjoying the Swedish summer

Preparing for Thailand

While still enjoying Sweden I am more than well aware of the fact that the summer wont last forever. Sooner or later winter will be back with its cold weather. So the plan is still to go to Thailand this winter and I am slowly preparing for that.

Next step is to book the flight ticket and to get my insurance ready. Traveling without insurance is possible but risk as hell and it is not something that I will do. I am rather safe than sorry!

Once the trips gets closer I will write more about it, so stay tuned! Thank you for reading!

enjoying the Swedish summer

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