I Love Street Food

Yes I really do love street food! The best street food I have had so far was in Bangkok. They have these tiny grills and prepare some really delicious chicken there. And it is unbelievable cheap! 

A tasty and filling meal with chicken and rice can cost you as little as $1-2. Needless to say that is perfect when you are traveling and need to save money as is often case when one is backpacking.

Luckily this is not something that is only found in Bangkok. All over Asia you can find all kinds of amazing street food. And believe me, it is worth try them all out to find your favorite!

Why do I love street food?

To cut it short I think it all comes down to it often being delicious, cheap, fast and readily available. Also  I prefer to eat small meals several times a day instead of few large meals.

Walking around a big market and trying out all sort of new and exciting food is just so much fun! Even when it tastes awful its just fun to know. Like some durian desert that I ate once in Malaysia. Yuack!

Street food thailand bangkok
A master chef in action. Here I would be reluctant to buy the ones just laying around but I would be more than happy to buy one fresh off the grill.


Some people would argue that it is not safe to eat from these food vendors. And sometimes I would have to agree. But if you are smart and aware you can easily sort out the more dangerous places from the better ones.

For example you should go where there are a lot of customers. This usually means that food is not left laying around for long and that the ingredients are fresh.

I have a rule for myself that I never eat food that is already done and just laying around with heating and I prefer to see it get cooked in front of me. I think my plan is working, so far I have only gotten sick from restaurants which feels kind of ironic.

Which one is your favorite?

What street food do you crave right now? I think for me, I have to stick with the BBQ chicken from Bangkok. It was just so delicious! (Aroy mak mak = Delicious food in Thai).

Comment and share your favorite street food! 🙂

Safe Travels!

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