Making a schedule and sticking with it

Making a schedule can be very important. What´s even more important is to actually stick to that schedule. Exactly like a budget. Making it is just the first step, a very important step nonetheless but remember to use it.

I made a schedule for my blogging a long time ago. Two days after following it I found myself making up excuses and I never went back into it.

This time I have tried to make another one and this time I will try harder to sticking with it. Because what is the point of making it without following through?

But as usual the theoretical part is easier than the practical part. Daydreaming is nice but when it comes down to hard work it actually takes an effort.

However, nothing good ever comes for free and if I want this blog to start growing again I really need to kick myself in the butt and get grinding.

Maybe you are in a similar position? Do you often follow through with your plans? Do you stick with your schedules? What motivates you?

Hard work can basically get you to any place that you would like to go. But make sure that you work smart and don´t overwork yourself so that you burn out. Hitting the wall might be even worse than doing to little work.

With that in mind I changed my previous, and very ambitious, schedule a new one that I actually think that I can follow through with.

Starting to hard can lead to stress so instead of going full out attack mode I will try to scale it up this time. Maybe that works better for me.

Trying a new approach can be vital, try a lot of different ways to do things and find the ones that suits you the best. Not everyone is shaped the same way and we all work differently

Let´s see if I can stick with my schedule this time, it is all up to me!

Please feel free to share any experience you have of making and sticking with schedules or plans. It would be fun to hear what you have to say!

Safe travels & Stay awesome!

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