Monday Morning Heart Attack Person

Someone said that statistics never lie. Although they of course still can be presented at a specific angle to suit a specific agenda. Yet there is something I learnt from them through the wisdom of Alan Watts. And that is that I never want to become a Monday morning heart attack person.

What the heck is a Monday morning heart attack person? Do not worry I will try my best to explain it properly.

You see a big problem in our society is that people go to works that they do not really like. They go there because they need money for living or surviving.

“So what? Is that a big problem?” You might ask. Yes, yes it is. In fact it is a major problem.

I will use USA as an example. The number one cause of death is heart attacks. Guess when the majority of those heart attacks happens?

You might have guesses it already: Monday mornings. People wake up when they want to stay asleep just to go to a job they do not like die on the way there.

Stress is the silent killer. Well sure sometimes it is not so silent but it can be deeply rooted and repressed.

We might not even notice it and we might just get angry if someone tries to point it out. Like “hey you seem a little stressed, are you OK?” An angry reply is easier than to actually reflect and to honestly say “Yes, yes I am.”.

I had a job like that, actually I have had several jobs that made me feel that way. Be it either the colleagues or the mind numbing work itself.

monday morning heart attack person

Minuscule tasks that you repeat without thinking, just getting them done while waiting for time to pass. “Soon… Soon I can quit.” For what? To get home, to have a few hours before you have to sleep just to repeat the same misery all over again?

Hell no. That is not for me. I have been through that but I have realized that I would rather die. Routine kills me anyway and I do not want to be a walking zombie.

I do not want to be part of the party crowd drinking their weekend away just to forget the endless weeks of boring tasks.

Sure there are options. You could always quit. For me that was easy, I have very supportive parents. I am spoiled to some degree for sure. But others are not that lucky. Others do not have that option.

But we also create our own misery. Like if you can not quit your job because you have a mortgage on your house you do not really need.

Maybe you have bought other things you do not need with money you do not really have.

So you are stuck in a rut. The job you despise is stopping you from doing what you really love. Maybe you even did love it once, but grew tired of it as you changed as a person. It happens to many.

But you can, you can find solutions. You can sell stuff, you can study again or you can find other things to do. But society is built up so that when you realize what you really want you to do, it is already to late for most.

Some never realize it until that Monday morning when their heart just says “Nope, I am sorry dear body and mind but I can not go on like this. Good bye.”.

Are you happy with your job or is the stress killing you? You know that they will replace you in 24 hours right? Do not kill yourself for someone that will replace you in one day.

Let yourself be happy, you Do deserve it. It is never to late to change your way. Find a new way. Do not bite down and fight your inner voice.

And if you are happy with your job, GREAT! I am super happy for you! When you work with what you love it is a passion and not a job.

When you wake up eager to go to work because you love what you do, to me that is true success.

Also is it not odd that we automatize more and more yet we still believe that everyone needs to work 8 hours a day five days a week?

monday morning heart attack person

The more jobs that get replaced by robots the more we should be able to cut down in working hours or find other ways to sustain our lives.

One major thing is to not want more than you need or can use. Maybe you could already do what you love for a living if you just cut down on your expenses?

I hope you never have to be a Monday morning heart attack person! My goal is to never be just another Monday morning heart attack person. To never be just another statistic that confirms how sick our society is in different ways.

I will leave you with a video from Alan Watts. I hope you watch it. Please know that the purpose of this post is not to blame or judge anyone. I only hope it may plant a seed in your mind but I hope even more for that you can work with your passion soon if you aren´t already!

Thank you for reading “Monday morning heart attack person”!

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