The Swedish Number (Not a sex thing)

The Swedish Number

You may have heard the legend of The Swedish Number if you have not don’t worry it is not a sex thing. Well it probably is but it is also something else,or was. Unfortunately this phone number has been closed down as it was a temporary campaign by the Swedish Tourist Association. But it is still kind of awesome to have had such a thing going!

So what was it?

The Swedish Number was actually a phone number that called to… Sweden! Bah, the name kind of gives it away doesn’t it?

When you dialed the number you were automatically transferred to a random person in Sweden who signed up to receive calls. So if you were wondering “How is Sweden doing?” you could call and see for yourself.  You could talk about anything and hopefully have a very fun connection with a stranger far, far away.

Why do it?

Basically it was a campaign in honor of the law which abolished censorship. That law was passed in Sweden about 250 years ago back in 1766. A fun and new way to shine light on something that some of us take for granted in our everyday life. In many countries this would not be possible as the citizens are oppressed and it is important that we never forget or stop working to free each and everyone.

The freedom of speech and the right to not be censored is nothing to take for granted.

Some examples

Sadly enough the campaign is cancelled but how lucky are we that some recorded their phone calls. Here is a small collection of some fun examples of calls that happened thanks to this awesome campaign.


Also do not miss the song that explains the phenomenon of “Fika” in Sweden and how it can help create world peace:

Some statistics

Totall Call Duration: 367 Days 00 Hours 09 Minutes 21 Seconds
Total Incoming Calls: 1 967 678
Average Call Duration: 02 Minutes 41 Seconds
Number of Calling Countries: 190

Read more about the campaign on their webpage:

Thank you for reading!

Did you call the number while it was active? If so please comment and share your story!

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