Next Adventure: Canary Islands

Canary Islands

I have booked my ticket for the 11th of December, I arrive on Gran Canaria in the evening the same day. Such a nice change to not fly for 12 hours!

I chose this destination to get away from the snow but also because I think that I can get a job there. On the 12th of December I have an interview planned at a cafe which hopefully will land me a job.

So the first things to do is to find a job and a place to stay which I don´t expect to take way too long. After that I am planning to just relax and enjoy the hotter weather that is coming into the islands. Right now it is only about 20 degrees Celsius over there. Not so hot but hell of a lot better than -5!

I have been to Tenerife twice before so I am familiar with the surroundings and I love the relaxed atmosphere. For example if you need to take a bus there is no point in checking any times, just go there and wait because the bus can either be 40 minutes early or 40 minutes late so you never know.

I bet some will say “But that is such a touristy place..” and they are not wrong, but it does have other sides to it as I did experience last time while for example living on a beach for a week which was amazing. So trust me, there is more to these islands than just charter traveling. ^^

I will keep you updated as it all goes along! Cheers!

Safe travels,

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