One month In

One month In

At the moment things are just rolling on and I am enjoying life to the fullest. Gran Canaria turned out to be a jackpot with an abundance of nice people and good moments. Of course it also has a dark side but with a bit of common sense it should not be too hard to live a good life here.

I have met all kinds of people during the first month. I have met entrepreneurs, artists, travelers, life livers and workers that have made something incredible with their time here. Also I have met people who have thrown all their chances away and lost it all.

My favorite hat and the view from the balcony,

So apparently this island can eat you up and spit you out before you even know it unless you are careful. Which is exactly why it is so important to have good friends and nice people around you, living here alone far from any family or friends from home can be just as wonderful and exciting as it can be frightening and scary.

But hey, they are all just a phone call or a plane ticket away so no need to worry! I can see myself on my trip to Australia in a lot of the young people here. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the freedom that they have found but I am sure that they will make something out of it.

Sunset and street.

Anyway, the sun is shining, as it often does here, and that is what I will focus on. This island actually is said to have about 320 sunny days a year. In other words: Awesome!


Two days ago we finally got WiFi in the house that I am staying in which means that I now can do a little more updates and so. I am living with a few of my colleagues and one of their girlfriends in a big and nice house. I will make some kind of walk-through video of the house soon and upload it here so that you can see how it looks. Currently most of our focus is on the inside pool.

It has been re-painted and as I am writing this it is being filled up, and it is taking forever! However horrible it is having to wait for this… Once the 75,000 liters of water are in place it will be flippin´ sweet!

The pool is slowly filling up as I am writing this post. But 75,000 liters will take some time.

To the photographs

My new phone Huawei Honor 8 has an amazing camera. I hardly need to bring my DSLR with me anymore because this camera is so good. Which brings me to the point of this post: sharing some photos with you all. The ones in the post are all taken with my phone and below this one you can find the link to the rest of the album with even more photos.

I hope that you enjoy them!

City lights.

Click HERE or below to see the rest of them:


Thank you for reading, I will be back soon! 🙂



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