Packing Your Life Into a Backpack

Step into the unknown

I love the feeling of standing in the door with my backpack on ready to get out into the world. That step into the big unknown which signals the start of a new adventure filled with new places and new faces.

I feel like Bilbo every time it’s time again and without comparing too much I’d say that both him and I have been on some great adventures. His of course had a bit more action and near death experiences.

But hey, I don’t know whats worse, fighting a Nazgul or riding in a minivan in Thailand with a driver that looks like he hasn’t slept for two weeks and who just drank his fifth Redbull in 30 minutes as he jumps in the van ready to drive a 5 hour trip in 1.5 hours. Who needs roller coasters with drivers like that!?

How do you do it?

I get this question a lot and sure I do understand where it is coming from but at the same time I don’t. Because it is so easy, it really is! What do you need to do? Book a flight, pack your bag and walk out the door. It is not that difficult it is…?

“But I have my house…” Good, rent it out!
“But I don’t have time…” You don’t Take the time, that is different!
“It is expensive…” It really doesn’t have to be! Have you ever heard of CouchSurfing? If not, then go check it out!
“But I don’t want to travel alone…” Great, me neither to be honest! But let me tell you, you are only alone when you choose to be. The world is full of travelers and there is always someone to meet wherever you are!

Basically there are 1 million excuses and many more but for every excuse there are 10 reasons and solutions to not stop there!

So just think of a destination. Book your ticket. Pack your bag and get going! You only live once so don’t let the world be an unexplored map, let it be your home!

So what to pack?

This is something that can be debated for ages and it always comes down to that it is different for each and everyone. Me myself I started my first long trip to Australia with a 75 L backpack weighing almost more than I do!

Needless to say I carried stuff around for 7 months without ever using them once. Not. Worth. It. So before you go, look at your backpack and remove half of it!

This time around I had about 1/4 of what I brought with me to Australia. Imagine that! All I really need is my phone, camera, passport and clothes. All other than that can easily be bought at most places and in Asia it is usually cheaper to buy the stuff once you arrive anyway.

My list then would be:

  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Wallet
  • Passport
  • Clothes
  • Any medicine needed

It might seem to be very little, which it of course is but trust me you do not need any more than this if you want to travel, even when you are going away for a long, long time. You want to make sure that your passport is valid beyond your dates of travel, and if you have made any changes lately, marriage or divorce, a passport name change might have been done or may be required, be sure to look into all the details of your situation before international travel. You can be refused entry for any discrepancies in your documentation.

If you are ready this and thinking “but what about this thing and that thing…” Relax. Step out of your comfort zone! You do not need those things even though you might rely on them. Test yourself, see what you can go without!


Go for it

Don’t let your dreams be dreams go and live them! If you want to travel or dream about it, please just go! Just go do it. It is so, so much easier than many people make it out to be. Just take a deep breath and trust yourself to step into that unknown abyss of adventures and new friends.

You will Not regret it and you most surely Can do it so stop waiting and start planning!

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