Photography Section Finally Updated

Heyo! I have been a little lazy with this page up until now but that is about to change. One thing that I have put off doing for a long time is to update my photography section. While I was on Gran Canaria I kind of forgot about it and then I was just too lazy to do it. Oh well!

Better late than never! Words that I live by from time to time. What I am trying to say is that I finally got my thumb out of my ¤¤¤¤ and actually updated the photographs.

Now you can see most of the photos, that I think deserved to be on the page, from Gran Canaria as well as previous photos. Now of course some of them are a little odd without context but I hope that you can enjoy most of them.

I thought that I would present my 3 absolute favorite photographs from Gran Canaria here, so I will! So enjoy!


1. Colorful sky

The first one is my absolute favorite. This one is not only a beautiful photo but it was a profound experience to capture it. What on Earth am I on about? Well picture it, no pun intended, like it is on the photo but about twenty times more colorful. That is how much color it actually was, my camera did not capture anywhere near all of it.

2. Earth meets Space

Technically I had already left Gran Canaria when I took this photo as I was in the airplane traveling back to Sweden. I was very happy with the outcome of this photo as I took it mostly by chance but later realized that it looks like the sky is the sea and the space is the sky. Kind of trippy right?

3. Buddha

Last but not least we have come to the small Buddha statue that I bought for my room. I took this photo of it and the sun out on the balcony and they just look so nice together. I even kept this Buddha with me and it is now in my room in Sweden. With it I decided to start a collection of Buddha items from every country that I have visited.

As always, thank you for reading! Please do like and share if you enjoyed the post, ciao!

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