Update from Gran Canaria


Time is flying by on Gran Canaria and things are working out really smooth. I have landed a job in a really amazing place with the nicest people I could ever imagine and not only that but now I also rent a room in an apartment so that I don´t have to move around so much.

Not bad for a phone photo Imo.

The job I got is telemarketing to Sweden and to be honest I was very nervous about trying to sell anything to anyone but it turns out that with the guidance of the amazing people there even a clown like me can sell things to strangers, who would’ve known! ^^

All in all things are looking really good, the only sad part is that my friend from Belarus that I went here with is not having much luck and she will most likely go to India soon. Hopefully she can find some job here too but it is heck of a lot easier for a Scandinavian here since there´s just so incredibly many people from Scandinavia here.

I wonder if we soon will call Gran Canaria a colony of Scandinavia. ^^

Any way I am really enjoying the weather, the people the food and everything in-between but soon I will get going and start doing some sightseeing and then I will have more interesting things to show you! ^^

Some random phone photos:

Walked around hungover and found a small place and ordered the 3rd thing on the menu. It sure is my lucky number because I got all this for 5 euros without having any clue at all about what I was ordering!  
Lovely bathroom sign in an amazing hostel!
Being drunk. Find this for 2 euro. Happiness intensifies.
´To smoke or not to smoke?´

Stay tuned and stay awesome,


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