Warm Greetings from Gran Canaria

As the snow was falling heavily in Sweden I was happily standing in line to board my plane. 5-6 hours later I arrived on Gran Canaria. Amazingly also this time Ryanair got me where I was supposed to go.

Walking to the plane in the snow.

Walking off the plane it felt really nice to feel the 20 degrees weather and warm climate instead of the freezing ice bear cold place that Sweden turns into at winter. I have been to Tenerife and Gran Canaria before but only on shorter vacations. This time I am hoping to land myself a job as soon as possible as well as finding an apartment to stay in until mars or longer.

The people here are just as nice as the weather and even though I only speak a handful of words of Spanish I manage to get around fairly easily. It sure helps that most service-personnel speaks a few words of Swedish since there are so many Scandinavian tourists here.

Currently I am staying at HiTide hostel which is basically located right on the beach, through the windows in the room I sleep in I can see the ocean and it is something magical to fall asleep with the sound of waves rolling onto the shore. Amazing place!

View from the terrace on top of my hostel.

All in all it feels great to finally be here and I can´t wait to see what the future holds in store! I promise that the next updates will be more interesting or at least contain more beautiful photos! Peace

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