Working To Become a Digital Nomad

As you probably know already I am working to become a digital nomad. It is not easy I will tell you that but at the same time it seems to be hell of a lot easier than what I first thought that it would be. I basically have all of my systems up and running so to say, now I just need to get on the grind!

My setup will consists of mainly three webpages that I will blog on and try to monetize the flow of visitors.

It is going pretty good at the moment, if I just become a little better at saving and increase the revenues a little bit then I am ready to get traveling.

With that said I have to admit that it feels kind of weird to earn money by browsing groups on Facebook and sharing helpful material that sometimes leads to revenue for me. A dream job for some!

It has always been a dream of mine to become a Digital Nomad, I was interested in travel jobs long before I knew what it was to be a digital nomad and that I could live off my passions and be my own boss! I mean who doesn’t want to see the world and make their own schedule, I love to travel and to write so it is kind of the perfect thing for me.

Working To Become a Digital Nomad

Sources of Revenue

Living on the road is not free and it can sometimes get expensive, for example when booking flights etc, so I will need a steady income to make sure that I survive.

My idea is to have the three webpages that I mentioned earlier and to work with them to generate revenue.

Already I have made some money from it and I can easily say that I am a professional freelancer. So one step is already taken!

The next step is to step everything up to increase the amount of visitors and the revenue while doing something that I love. If I manage to do so I can not only become a Digital Nomad but I can work with my passions instead of some boring job that I do not enjoy.

But these kind of sources of revenue fluctuate a lot and it can be a very unsure way to live so I better make sure to step my game up!

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The Progress

The three webpages that I have right now are:

  • StefTravels
  • Ihållande Investeringar
  • Svenska Backpackers

StefTravels is this blog and it is English while the other two pages are in Swedish. Once of them is about long term investments and the other one is for backpackers.

Blogging about and doing long term investments is perfect as I will sooner or later reach a point where my investments are enough to live on instead of the blogging. Boy am I looking forward to that! But that will take another 10-15 years so I have no rush with that at all.

At the moment I get 99% of my income from the page about investments but lately the backpacking page has really grown a lot and it is thrilling to see.

Become a digital nomad

As you can see it already has more visitors this month than it all of last month. For sure 1500 visitors are not many at all but it is a good start and it is very exciting to see it grow as fast as it is.

Facebook groups

I also have several groups on Facebook that I later can try to monetize if they keep growing like they do. That will be a very interesting step to try out.

One of them is “Share Your Travel Blog/Posts” which is already over 2700 members! If it keeps growing like this it will be a big group before the start of next year.

Not only that but it is a perfect place for my to grow the audience of this blog. So it is a win-win! Never underestimate the value of building a network around your blog/webpage/business, it can actually be very, very rewarding.

To Become a Digital Nomad

So as for now I will just keep on doing what I do and hopefully it will resonate well with my readers and turn into something reliable and steady that I can live on while I am abroad. It will be interesting to see what challenges may arise and I am looking forward to learning from them while overcoming them!

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Thank you for reading “Working To Become a Digital Nomad”!

Stay awesome and Like the page to follow my journey.


  1. We share the same goals! Having the freedom to work for yourself and never have to be on someone else’s time frame is priceless. I’m excited to continue reading about how your going to monetize, what works and what doesn’t.

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