Gearing up for Songkran

One of the biggest water fights in the world that stops a whole country for a few days. It sounds to good to be truth and it almost is. It is one of the absolutely most fun things that I have ever encountered. I am really looking forward to my second time experiencing it!

So what country are we talking about? We are talking about Thailand! When they celebrate the new year, they really celebrate it. Almost everyone comes together in a super fun experience that is hard to imagine.

Three years ago when I visited Thailand I had only read a little about Songkran as they call their new year. After experiencing it I was in awe, it was truly amazing and something I was looking forward to doing again.

Songkran is not only the new year but it is also the start of the rainy season in Thailand. It takes time between the 13th and 15th of April.

But why a big water fight? The idea is to enter the new year clean and full of joy, what better way to achieve that than through a water fight!?

In some places in Thailand you celebrate Songkran for up to a month, others a week and others just a few days. As fun as it is, I think a few days is well enough!

During Songkran you can not expect to get anywhere and remain dry when you arrive. Neither can you expect to get there swiftly. The roads are swarmed with happy people with water guns, buckets and any thing that can help you get water from a big tank onto another person.

Songkran is called Rot Nam Dam Hua in Thai. It is very common to travel back to your elderly parents to spend time and show respect for them during this time of year.

But there is more than water going around. Most likely you will first get drenched in water and then someone walks up and puts chalk on you, even in your face. This comes from a tradition of monks using chalk to bless people and things.

But it is not only fun and games. The death toll in traffic during this time usually doubles so it is a good idea to stay well clear of any driving during this time of year. Alcohol and driving is not the best mix as most know.

It is also a good idea to still respect the local laws, do not go topless even though you will be drenched in water. A British tourist was arrested for doing so back in 2016.

If you enjoy water fights then you really have to experience Songkran at least once in your life, I assure you that you will never forget this fun happening! But once may be well enough. Many expats that I talk to about Songkran tell me how sick they are of it and they just stay inside for three days.

I can understand somewhat but at the same time, I will be spending 0 minutes inside during these days. I will be getting a water gun and head out to the streets.

If you are going to celebrate Songkran in Thailand then make sure that you have a waterproof bag to put your phone and wallet in. That way you can celebrate it safely without having stuff broken! And please drink remotely, last year I saw about three drunken brawls during Songkran, no need to celebrate a new year like that!

If you pass by Hua Hin during this time, hit me up and lets see have a water shootout on the streets!

Safe travels & Stay awesome!

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