Nearly Two Weeks in Thailand

I am traveling again. I am back in Thailand again. Good times. So about two seeks ago me and my friend Arild from Västerås in Sweden set foot on Thai ground. We left a dark and dusky Stockholm behind us as we stepped on the Norwegian airplane.

Our plan is to stay here for some months to not only escape the harsh and unforgiving Swedish winter. We also plan to enjoy what this country has to offer while on a pretty tight budget.

We set aim for Hua Hin and as soon as we had walked off the airplane we got our luggage, went to exchange some money and headed for the bus to Hua Hin.

It did not take many hours to arrive and once we did we went straight to our hotel that we had booked before leaving. It´s just nice to arrive without having to start looking for a place to stay.

Well it could have been nice. Right next to our hotel they were building a new hotel and they started working at around 7 AM. Needless to say, we got the heck out of there quickly.

But not before finding a place to stay for a longer term. After walking around the city center looking for a good place to stay we had to realize that we would not find it. They all wanted around 1000 Baht / Night and they did not offer any long term discounts.

This is because we arrived around the start of high season. But one nice lady in a reception pointed us towards a hotel/apartment complex. We went there and found out that we would get great deals if we decided to stay for 3 months.

So we did. The house hosts a pool, a pool table, a mini mart, a gym, a restaurant and a massage place. Not bad at all. Especially considering that we are paying around 7000 Baht (215 $) per month to stay there.

I had actually expected more of a hustle in the hunt for a place to stay but it was solved easily and to a good price as well. We got our own separate rooms but on the same floor and they are spacious enough with a balcony but that is about it.

Here are some photos of how the rooms look; I will show more of the rest of the house later on:

Thailand Apartment

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So far we have been enjoying the weather and the spicy food a whole lot! More updates are coming shortly and I guess I can say that the blog is alive again!

And god damn, it feels great to be here again! So far I have met a few people that actually recognized me from my last visit two years ago and that has been super fun!

Last time I traveled around SE Asia on my own but this time I am staying in Hua Hin with my friend even though he might leave a bit earlier than I am planning to do. The reason to stay in one place is simple: it is cheaper.

But yeah, so far so good! The 190 euro airplane ticket, direct flight, has been well worth it so far!

I am taking it easy with the sun and I have been a bit lazy with my GoPro but I am hoping to find inspiration to use it more again soon!

Stay tuned! Stay awesome!

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