Two Short Clips From the Carnival

Carnaval Internacional de Maspalomas

So apparently Maspalomas has the 2nd biggest carnival in the world! The only one bigger is the one in Rio de Janeiro. When I decided to try my luck on Gran Canaria I had no idea about this. Yesterday we visited it and it was truly amazing!

Thousands and thousands of people crowded the streets to enjoy the good party together. It was all happiness and fun with almost everyone in some kind of costume. The sun was up, the heat was on and so was the party!

I brought my GoPro to use it properly for the first time ever so I thought that I would share two clips from the carnival with you. I will try to learn a little bit of video editing to make a nice clip of the whole experience.

Here is the first Short Clip:

You could either chill on the side of the streets and just view the spectacle as it kept going for miles and miles or you could jump straight in and enjoy it from the eye of the tornado.

There were massive buses with people partying atop or inside blasting music going with approximately 20-40 meters in between them.  They were all blasting loud music behind them so between every bus it was like its own party! Which meant that if you got tired of one song or style of music you only needed to walk for 30 seconds and then you had a completely new party.

Here is the second short clip:

I highly recommend that you go visit this place at least once because it was so much fun. You will never forget this party! Also it was an amazing contrast to the normally so chilled atmosphere here. Maybe I will see you there next year?

Safe Travels!

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